24 DIY Glitter Crafts Adding A Lot More Shine To Your Life!

best DIY Glitter Crafts

1. DIY Glitter Mason Jar

DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Glitter enhances the appearance of an item to an all new level making it so glamorous just like these mason jars adorned with lots of glitter.

Details : kastyles

2. Glitter Light Switch Plates

Glitter Light Switch Plates

Give a super chic look to those regular looking switch plates by adding a touch of glitter to them and transforming them from simple to gorgeous.

Details : faithfullyfree

3.Add Glitter To Anything

Add Glitter To Anything

If you love to add a little glitter to everything then this guide here tells you about putting good amount of glitter to anything without it falling off from the stuff.

Details : cosmeticsobsession.wordpress

4. DIY Glitter Lamp

DIY Glitter Lamp

Turn the simple and plain insides of a lamp shade to gorgeous looking interior with just some glitter, a foam brush and mod podge. The glitter will take its beauty to an all new level.

Details : youtube

5. Glitter Ombre Oversized Monograms

Glitter Ombre Oversized Monograms

Adorn your displays with those huge glittery monograms that add a remarkable amount of personal touch to your decor and make the appearance super chic and pretty.

Details : capitolromance

6. DIY Monogram Pencil Bag

DIY Monogram Pencil Bag

What can be better than having an accessory that flaunts your initials or your identity by it. You can make this personalized pencil bag that comes with the touch of glitter.

Details : damasklove

7. Glitter Mugs

Glitter Mugs

Who does not like to have something that they can put on their desk and add charms to it, these glitter coated mugs do just that! They are extremely easy to make and look so amazing as a coffee mug or simply a little planter.

Details : jaderbomb

8. Glitter Belts And Bag

Glitter Belts And Bag

Turn those regular leather belts and bags to super funky accessories by just adding little glitter accents to them. All you have to do is put the glitter of your choice to the items in the desired patterns.

Details : sayyes

9. Glitter Champagne DIY

Glitter Champagne DIY

If you are hosting a party, then these champagne bottles covered with glitter works up as the showstopper of the party and the talk among your guests. The tones of the ombre make it super gorgeous.

Details : campmakery

10. DIY Silhouette Clipboard

DIY Silhouette Clipboard

Clipboards look quite boring in their original look but you can always change that look to super funky by just a touch of glitter, patterned paper and a silhouette to make it more cute.

Details : thegraphicsfairy

11. Glitter Disco Ball DIY

Glitter Disco Ball DIY

Be it a party or just a little something for the porch decor, this glitter disco ball is so easy to make and adds a good amount of beauty to the setting. You just need to turn a paper lantern to a glittery treat.

Details : ohhappyday

12. Plastic Containers Into Sparkly Storage

Plastic Containers Into Sparkly Storage

Anything in a glitter box looks super cute and pretty and transforming those little plastic boxes to a glittery pleasure is extremely easy. All you have to do is cover the insides of the box with lots of glitter by mod podge.

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