Best Kid Lunch Ideas for School

Best Kid Lunch Ideas for School

1. Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

As savoury to eat as they are cute to look at, these mini corn dog muffins are going to be a sure-shot crowd pleaser. Little all-beef hot dog bites are studded inside the baked muffins, while the golden brown cornbread makes thing oh so chewy.

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2. Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls

Having their favorite fillings and rich pizza sauce combined with loads of mozzarella cheese – all packed in a roll of pizza dough can’t fail to make the kids drool. 12-15 minutes of baking is all these rolls take, calling for just a minutes of preparation.

Idea Details : whatlisacooks

3. Taco Pop Tarts

Taco Pop Tarts

Yummilicious taco pop tarts stuffed with a kid-friendly mix of some corn, lots of beans and ground beef! What accompanies the stuffing is plenty of shredded cheese, wherein everything is folded into a pie crust to reach next level awesomeness in every single bite.

Idea Details : babble

4. Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

A huge amount of cheese and sauce packed into these mini treats. While they are named as deep dish pizzas, the pepperoni and cheese quite unusually lie above the sauces. The nice and crispy baked crust is made with whole wheat wraps that keeps everything oh so decadent.

Idea Details : dashingdish

5. Cheeseburger Cups

Cheeseburger Cups

Kiddos who like their food heavy on cheese and just about everything it’s composed of will be delighted to grab a bite of these cheeseburger cups. The cups come with loads of ketchup, some mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and a couple spoonfuls of brown sugar.

Idea Details : cheese-burger

6. Roasted Cranberry and Brie Grilled Cheese

Roasted Cranberry and Brie Grilled Cheese

Just a matter of four readily available ingredients are all these toothsome grilled cheese sandwiches need. Grab some Italian batard, brie, boozy and baked cranberry sauce and some softened butter to make these berry-loaded yummies that are chewy on the outside and cheesy on the inside.

Idea Details : jerryjamesstone

7. Pepperoni and Cheese Crescents

Pepperoni and Cheese Crescents

Ready for lunch in half an hour, these pepperoni and cheese crescents are a breeze to make. The crescent rolls with their super soft texture are nestled with small slices of pepperoni, loads of shredded mozzarella cheese and some tomato pasta or pizza sauce. Of course, you can alter the stuffings to suit your child’s whims and tastes.

Idea Details : pillsbury

8. Cream Cheese and Jam Cracker Snacks

Cream Cheese and Jam Cracker Snacks

Not only are these cream cheese and jam crackers a wonderful treat to pack for lunch for school, but they are an amazing tea-time snack for the whole family too. The buttery and flaky crackers are topped with a generous spread of cream cheese and a layer of your favorite jam, finally placing a second cracker on top.

Idea Details : makeandtakes

9. Lunch Box Kabobs

Lunch Box Kabobs

Add a twist to regular sandwiches by putting everything it has got on a stick, ending up in delicious kabobs. The super easy to make kabobs can be customized with many combos – turkey and cooper cheese with cucumbers, salami and provolone with bell peppers, chicken and monterey jack cheese with pickles, and more.

Idea Details : itisakeeper

10. Apple Quesadillas

Apple Quesadillas

The way the grilled cheese blends into the apple slices inside these awesome apply quesadillas is simply unbeatable, while it also makes sure that the filling stays together. The recipe goes for soft unprocessed American cheese made out of certified organic milk to make sure the meal is as healthy for the kiddos as it’s good to taste.

Idea Details : momables

11. Baked Corn Tortillas Cheese Dogs

Baked Corn Tortillas Cheese Dogs

Merely looking at the picture, one can figure out how crispy are these snacks going to be. Baked corn tortillas cheese dogs are actually crunchy corn tortillas wrapped around a super chewy hot dogs with melted cheese inside. The fact that the treat is assembled on a stick makes it easy for the kids to eat while they are moving around.

Idea Details : simplygloria

12. PB&J Banana Burritos

PB&J Banana Burritos

If your kid simply loves to have a tangy element in his or her meals, then these PB&J banana burritos are a must-make for you. What you are going to need to whip them up is some fajita size flour tortillas, some creamy peanut butter, some strawberry jam or jelly, and peeled bananas.

Idea Details : missionmenus

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