Nothing polishes off a table like a beautiful pitcher. It sets a scene for a high-level board meeting, with cakes and pastries served alongside contemporary coffee jugs. It creates an atmosphere at the best hotels in the world, where a glass of breakfast orange juice dare not come out of a swirling machine. You’ll know from eating in hipster cafes and attending weddings, baby showers and even beautifully-presented home-made dinners what a great pitcher can add – or take away – from a gathering. We’ve put together a list of the best pitchers for all occasions. Whether you’re hosting a pitch or simply serving the family at home, these stylish tea-infused, glass, ceramic and stainless steel finds won’t go unnoticed.


Russel Wright Modern American Pitcher: Art deco ornaments never go out of style. This mustard-hued jug, made from hand-cast earthenware clay, serves up your fashion-conscious guests from a kiln in California. Hold up to eight ounces in nine delectable colours.


Red Gurgle Pot: Love that gurgling sound when you pour out your milk, custard, or cream? This forty ounce jug makes it on command, inside stoneware available in three colours. A fantastical fish design makes the gurgling sound revealed here come alive.


Jonathan Adler Whale Pitcher: Not so keen on a gurgling pitcher? This classic white whale works a dream with the modern kitchen. Quirky, high-fired and microwave and dishwasher-safe, it holds 72 ounces for a whale of a dinner time.

$330BUY IT

Octopus Glass Pitcher: Six pounds of pewter and glass make this pitcher a heavyweight for octopus home décor fans. Made in the US by Vagabond House, let its whimsical eight legs wrap around your fingers for a truly nautical serving experience.

$189BUY IT

Shell Pitcher: Have a beautifully-coloured drink you can’t wait to show off? This set of two shell-shaped pitchers, one large and one small, add to your nautical home décor theme. As their curved mouths add elegance with a pretty pouring mechanism, their finely-crafted glass offers the finest drinks on the dinner table.


Pierced Glass Pitcher: Lenox fine crystal holds 48 ounces of goodness in this pierced design. A simple and timeless statement, its dishwasher-safe design would bring finesse to any board meeting or entertainment venue.


Pierced Ceramic Pitcher: The winter months bring less dramatic drink colourings and more soothing, creamy offerings. This white porcelain pitcher holds 40 ounces of nourishing favourites within one microwave, dishwasher and (low temperature) oven-safe staple.

$104BUY IT

Merletto Scalloped Ceramic Pitcher: Hand-made in Italy, this vintage lace-patterned pitcher brings old school charm to your kitchen table. Set its oven, dishwasher and microwave-safe ceramic in the nibbles area of a baby shower, wedding, event or boutique gathering.


Michelangelo Masterpiece Pitcher: Serve your dinner table guests, without the harmful lead found in many rivals. This clean, classic 84-ounce find is designed in Italy and safe for the dishwasher.


Bobble Water Pitcher: Entertaining guests with a particular health or eco-friendly bent? This bobble filter pitcher may win them over. 100% recyclable and made with PET plastic, this two-litre jug purifies your water for a pitch-worthy and environmentally-friendly alternative.


Colorful Amici Monterey Pitcher: We’ve all heard of blown glass ornaments – but have you heard of a mouth-blown version? This gradating pitcher trickles down from amber to aqua and back again, in a beautiful design handmade in the shores of Mexico. Its oversized handle and easy-pour spout make it easy to use; its recycled glass material and price easy to justify.

$220BUY IT

MoMA Fink Pitcher Jug: The Museum of Modern Art is renowned for its awe-inspiring artwork and unique approach to product innovation. This ergonomic pitcher from its store is no different, easily navigating away from splashbacks. Use its hand-finished metal frame as both a handy pitcher and inlet decoration, in your home or office.


VonShef Stainless Steel Water Pitcher: Nothing looks better than polished stainless steel at the boardroom table. This stylish 60-ounce pitcher makes cold beverages a breeze, by stopping sliding ice cubes from making unwelcome splashes.

$240BUY IT

Alessi Tua Pitcher: Designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta, this sleek stainless steel design with silicone handle literally means “yours”. Stand it proudly on your meeting table for a scintillating background to business discussion.


Turkish-Style Copper Pitcher: The Ottoman Empire once ruled the world, and with carafes like this, it’s not hard to see why. Handcrafted from Turkish copper with a realistic brass handle, this artisan-produced beauty could act as both pitcher and decorative motif. Lined with durable tin, lets its traditional patterns be the talking point at your next gathering.


Scandinavian-Style Ceramic Pitcher: Tired of fighting the summer heat? Let this Finnish pitcher finish off the finer details. This ceramic pitcher keeps its contents cool throughout your meal, while its chalkboard outer provides a virtual canvas for more inspired ideas and jottings.


Minimalist Umbra Savore Pitcher: After a jug that doesn’t overshadow your business pitch? Look to this white ceramic and metal-handled creation, a clean and comforting partner to served scones, muffins and club sandwiches.


Samadoyo Minimalist Glass Pitcher With Steel Lid: Not all pitchers offer the full package; but we believe this design has all the right facets. Want to turn your liquid, hot, then cold, and back again? Borosilicate glass makes it happen, without cracking. Want to create your own home-made sangria or infused tea? An in-built strainer lets you drain out all the boring leftovers. Designed for our grip and gloriously spill-proof, its minimalist look – minus its nail-polish remover-able quantity markings – makes it our pitcher of the bunch.


Udder-Shaped Glass Milk Pitcher: Want to serve milk and cookies far beyond Christmas? This double-walled glass pitcher allows you to keep your milk hot, with its heat-resistant outer. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe, its outside keeps cool while its inside stays hot, warm, or even cold, at your request. A cheeky udder illusion and lifetime warranty keeps a smile on the dile of your cookie and milk lover.


Owl Shape Pitcher: Only need a pitcher for a special occasion? This owl themed décor find wows in blue glass that could be a jug today, a vase tomorrow.


Glass Pitcher With Strainer & Bamboo Lid: Find a teapot or caddy just isn’t doing the trick? This borosilicate glass beauty is the ultimate in tea-making. Safe for boiling on gas or electric stoves, its glass doesn’t shatter under fragrant brewing. Lightweight and durable, it’s safe enough for the dishwasher but pretty enough for the cabinet. A bamboo lid and coil at the spout mean you can pour your hot or iced tea without tea bags, leaves, fruit or ice cubes getting in the way. Bring it along to your next mad hatter tea party or afternoon getaway.


Scandinavian-Style Glass Pitcher With Infuser: Holding one and a half litres, this Scandinavian pitcher is all style – but with substance. Originally designed by Norm Architects for use as a teapot, it works a treat with a large drinking party, whether it be tea or tequila on the menu. Watch its infuser slowly blend ingredients during your next meeting, as its Asian zen look adorns the boardroom table.


Soma Water Filter Pitcher: Still not convinced that your kitchen filter works? This new, improved design reduces chlorine, mercury, copper and many other nasties from 10 glasses (or 10 ounces) of what should be filtered water. A simple and understated design, its BPA-free plastic is shatter-proof, and its lid door automatically opens. Grab its sustainable white oak handle for a well-crafted and chemical-free way to quench your guests’ thirst.


Art Deco-Style Pitcher: Ceramics lovers will know one little chip ruins the whole piece. This Fiestaware find comes complete with a gorgeous red glaze – and a five-year chip resistance warranty. Microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer-safe as well as lead-free, this art deco leader came back in 1986, after a 13-year hiatus. Part of America’s most collected dinnerware brand, its subtle design flaunts its signature concentric rings and flattened disk shape to bring both memories and durability to the family dinner table.

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