DIY Letter Projects

1. Mini Marquee Letter

Mini Marquee Letter

Bringing a glorious glow to your space when everything else goes dark, this metal marquee letter is a to-die-for thing of decor. Drill holes in the letter and insert LED bulbs into them from behind!

DIY Details : akadesign

2. LOVE Shelf

LOVE Shelf

As stunning to look at as its purposeful to use, here’s a love-worthy shelf that disguises itself as the letters of LOVE put together in a clever fashion using a few wooden boards, screws and glue.

DIY Details : craftingitmyself

3. DIY Photo Collage Letters

DIY Photo Collage Letters

Capture some precious memories shared with a special someone into these DIY wooden letters that spell their name with utmost prettiness. An awesome birthday gift, this one also calls for mod podge, scissors and paintbrush.

DIY Details : houseontheway

4. Aged Metal Letters

Aged Metal Letters

These antique metal letters add a rustic essence to your room with their worn out, weathered look. The secret is some metallic paint, acrylic in burnt uber and a clever use of sponge brush.

DIY Details : newlyandbecky

5. DIY Monogram Chalk Slate

DIY Monogram Chalk Slate

There surely isn’t another chalk slate prettier than this – a gorgeous monogram if your favorite letter, coated in chalkboard paint, accompanied by a bundle of colorful chalks to write with.

DIY Details : maisondepax

6. Bathroom Crossword Art

Readily available chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby costing $1 each have been given all new life with a can of aqua spray paint. The words ‘brush’, ‘wash’ and ‘flush’ have been arranged in an interesting crossword pattern!

DIY Details : aqualanedesign

7. Confetti Decorative Letters

Confetti Decorative Letters

Color-ify the kids room or the craft space with easy to put together confetti letters flaunting vibrant-hued dots that gradually fade towards the bottom. You need mod podge, foam brush, tissue paper, hole punch, and wooden letters.

DIY Details : modpodgerocksblog

8. DIY Faux Copper Letter

DIY Faux Copper Letter

Rustic aged metal letter that actually isn’t metal at all! Cheap wooden letter has been transformed into a faux aged copper one with a few coats of copper paint, blue patina and some spritzing in just a matter of few hours.

DIY Details : wherethesmileshavebeen

9. Blooming Monogram DIY

Blooming Monogram DIY

Take your spring decorations to new innovation altogether with an elegant, chic and trendy floral monogram display. It has got light pink roses, baby’s breath, and tiny white daisies to keep the tones subtle and eye-pleasing.

DIY Details : lulus

10. Yarn Pompom Letters

Yarn Pompom Letters

Wow is the word for these super-fun monograms lavishly adorned with a bundle of colorful, fluffy little pom poms. All about glueing of the yarn-made mini pompom balls, the project can be pulled off even by the kiddos.

DIY Details : bespoke-bride

11. Crepe Paper Flower And Ruffle Letters

Crepe Paper Flower And Ruffle Letters

There’s something about the basic texture of crepe pepper that makes everything look oh so delicate and beautiful. And that’s exactly what these cardboard letters look like when covered in DIY crepe paper flowers or ruffles.

DIY Details : valeventgal

12. How to Make Chevron Letters

How to Make Chevron Letters

Deserving enough to be called truly awe-inspiring, that chevron pattern makes the cheap wooden letters look super cute. Using some tape as the guide, you need to paint the letters in two contrasting shades of color.

DIY Details : mamabearla

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