Stylish DIY Scarves To Stay Cozier and Make a Statement At the Same Time

1. DIY Plaid Flannel Fringe Scarf

DIY Plaid Flannel Fringe Scarf

The stunning fringes on the edges of this scarf are all about pulling the threads out of the flannel with fingers. Plus, the warmth and the cozy texture of the fabric make this one apt and appropriate as a homemade winter accessory. Further, a bit of folding and sewing gets it wear-ready.

DIY Details : ehow

2. Arm Knit Scarf

Arm Knit Scarf

All you are going to need is some balls of thick yarn, a large crochet hook and you creative arms to whip this prettiness up! It’s more like a cowl when finished and steals the show with its super soft and cozy touch. Learn the knitting technique with The DIY Mommy.

DIY Details : thediymommy

3. DIY Double Scarf

DIY Double Scarf

Two different-colored fabrics twisted, turned and entangled with each other form the building blocks of this DIY double scarf. The best part here is that you don’t need to go for any complicated tools to get the hand-knitting affair done with just a few knots.

DIY Details : lovethispic

4. Simple Fabric Scarf

Simple Fabric Scarf

Who said that scarves were only meant for the winters? This uber cool summer accessory that doubles up as a shawl is something you must try your hands on. The supplies include cotton gauze or loose weave/knit fabric, embroidery floss and a few pom pom balls for the accents.

DIY Details : pretty-ditty.blogspot

5. Four Piece Circle Scarf DIY

Four Piece Circle Scarf DIY

Despite the fact that the circle scarf is whipped up with four different fabrics, it’s surprisingly light to wear. It doesn’t call for anything else other than a sewing machine and a pair of scissors to get started with the steps shared by Sincerely Kinsey in the below tutorial.

DIY Details : sincerelykinsey

6. Jersey Lace Scarf

Jersey Lace Scarf

Haven’t got a sewing machine? This jersey lace scarf comes to your rescue as all it takes is cutting the fabrics into a few pieces, folding them and hand-sewing them in just a matter of few minutes. The way the lace connects the two fabrics together is no less than spectacular.

DIY Details : acupofsparkle.blogspot

7. DIY Stamped Chevron Scarf

DIY Stamped Chevron Scarf

How winsome is this? That chevron print worked up on this DIY scarf is the end results of some clever stamping. What’s used as the stamping block here is a piece of wood cut into the desired shape, dipped in paint, and placed on the fabric to get the marvellous chevron print done.

DIY Details : bywilma

8. Ruffle Flower Scarf

Ruffle Flower Scarf

If nothing appeal you more than a delicate-looking piece of looking, this inspiration is surely going to come to your delight. The key is to ruffle the stitches along the edges of the fabric, and the intricate-looking effect comes to life within minutes of work.

DIY Details : mama-says-sew.blogspot

9. Custom Dyed Ruffle Scarf

Custom Dyed Ruffle Scarf

Combining lace and voile in one single piece of attire, this custom dyed ruffle scarf is a homemade dying deal. You make the ruffled borders from scratch using a few lace strips and triangles, attaching them to the voile fabric with a few easy-to-make stitches, advancing towards the custom dying.

DIY Details : flamingotoes

10. DIY 3-Step Scarf

DIY 3-Step Scarf

Transform your old t-shirts into brand new scarves in no more than 3 easy-to-follow steps. Once you cut the shirt horizontally below the sleeves, you stretch the fabric to make the ends where you cut roll in on themselves. And, it’s already time to style it and get wrapped in some coziness!

DIY Details : blog.honest

11. Lace Trim Scarf

Lace Trim Scarf

That layered, accessorized look of the chic scarf is brought by attaching pretty lace strips in a contrasting color to the fabric to its edges, further adding more trims throughout the scarf. Bright red and white are perhaps, the most magical combination for the design.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

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