Who doesn’t love getting their hands a bit dirty with some clay? Take the weekend to use your imagination a bit with one of these DIYs. Check out these 22 air dry clay projects that will get your hands dirty and creative juices flowing!

1. Clay Knobs

Simple Clay Knobs 22 Air Dry Clay Projects That Will Get Your Hands Dirty and Creative Juices Flowing

Delineate Your Dwelling makes some snazzy clay knobs that could jazz up any cabinet or door around the home. Nix the tradition and add some personalization!

2. Stamped Clay Bowls

diy stamped clay bowls 22 Air Dry Clay Projects That Will Get Your Hands Dirty and Creative Juices Flowing

These stamped clay bowls form Gathering Beauty make a beautiful DIY gift for a loved one, don’t you think? Add a bit of color and use them on your vanity to store jewelry and the like.

3. Embossed Clay Stone Paperweights

Diy embossed clay stone paperweights

Gathering Beauty embossed some bouts of clay and used them as paperweights. Here too you can add some color and gift them to your favorite friends and family members.

4. Clay Animal Heads

Color clay animal heads diy

We’re swooning for the animal heads over at Delineate Your Dwelling. Style them with some paint and hang them on the walls of the home office or even in the nursery!

5. Clay Alphabet Container

Alphabet containers diy clay

Willow Day makes some desk organizers too with clay and this time you can shape them into your initials. Then use them to hold you paper clips, staples and more!

6. Easter Clay Ornaments

Happy easter diy clay ornaments

You could always make some clay ornaments for any holiday of the year. From Easter to Christmas, this is a great DIY to hold on tight for the family. (via)

7. Clay Votives

Clay votive diy

A Beautiful Mess whips up some clay votives that we’re loving too. Add a bit of romance and texture to your home and ambiance with these.

8. Clay Lamp Shade Pendants

Clay cone lamp main

Even your lamp shades can be made of clay! Check out Brit + Co for all the details on this unique DIY.

9. Geo Clay Jars

Geometric clay jar diy

You’ll want to visit Delineate Your Dwelling again to learn this one. A geometric-inspired jar that can jazz up your desktop and help keep mini pieces at bay.

10. Geo Clay Necklace Pendant

Clay necklace diy

Delia Creates made a clay pendant for your necklace out of clay too. With a dash of gold leafing or paint you can personalize this one too.

11. Clay Wall Planters

Diy clay plant wall pockets

These modern plant pockets from Design Love Fest are so stylish and functional. Hold your succulents and add a contemporary breath of fresh air to your home.

12. Clay Faux Horns

Fall for diy bright tipped faux horn

Fall For DIY made a clay antler that can be used to style the vanity but also keep your jewelry a bit more organized. It’s so unique and creative!

13. Clay Incense Holders

Fall for diy incense holder tutorial


Who loves to burn a bit of incense inside their home? Fall For DIY shows us how to make your very own holder out of clay.

14. Stamped Clay Coasters

Diy stamped clay coasters

Gathering Beauty whipped up some stamped clay coasters that you can sprinkle around the house. Add a bit of color to all your rooms while getting rid of the water rings too!

15. Clay Tealight Holders

Diy faceted clay tea light holders

Gathering Beauty teaches us how to make some tea light holders too. They’re chic, they’re modern and they’re functional!

16. Clay Mini Pots

Diy air dry clay mini pot

We’re really loving these mini clay pots from Journey Creativity. We love their colorful personalities even more!

17. Clay Necklace Beads

Diy clay beads necklace

Curly Made also makes a piece of jewelry out of clay. These beads are full of fun and it’s such an easy way to get creative in an afternoon.

18. Clay Mini Planters

Diy clay mini planter

A Beautiful Mess also whips up some mini planters using clay and we’re loving the finished product here too. Just check out the personalization!

19. Clay Egg Carton

Clay egg box fall for diy

Fall For DIY makes an “egg carton” out of clay that can be used for so many different things. From the vanity to the office desk, you can sift and organize to your delight.

20. Geo Clay Rings

Geometric clay rings

Finally, visit Delineate Your Dwelling once again for another snazzy jewelry DIY. These modern little pieces will be a lovely addition to your collection.

21. Stamped Clay Succulent Pots

Diy stamped clay succulent pots

Damask Love stamped and embossed their clay pots to add a bit of fun and texture. Don’t forget that you can add color here too!

22. Clay Leaves

Diy clay leafs

And finally, use some leafs from the backyard for some creativity this afternoon. Turn them into beautiful pieces to sprinkle around the house. (via)

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