Farm house style Christmas wreaths

Beautiful colour combinations with a dash of vintage vibe look absolutely dazzling.

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Delicate decor

Sometimes less is more. Simple decorations of delicate colours can jazz up your home like magic.

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The classic red and white combo

These classic Christmas colours look especially good with white walls.

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Try some nude or brown pieces

These natural materials may remind you of fall but they look awesome with the classic Christmassy colours too.

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Branches and fairy lights

If you want it to be bolder, you can experiment with colourful lights. This super easy DIY decoration spices up your stairs like nothing else.

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The classic white or grey elements with snowy decorations will never go out of style.

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Old toys and branches

Some old toys and leftover Christmas tree branches can be reused as a creative Christmas decoration for your front door.

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Decorate the fireplace with branches

It may sound dangerous but If you follow the rules, you will get this beautifully decorated fireplace.

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White with red details

For all the lovers of white and minimalism, just have a look at the picture and consider adding some red details to your Christmas decor this year.

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Nude and green combo

Nude looks good with everything and the green branches remind us of the Holidays. Easy and cute.

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Don’t forget about the exterior

Christmas lights in your garden or your front yard are a must. Everybody loves them. They transform your house into a sparkly wonderland.

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White and grey combinations

White and grey look luxurious together, don’t they?

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Olds-chool style

This old-school or vintage vibe gives us goosebumps! So beautiful!


Minimalistic decorations

You don’t have to take it that far. Some simple wreaths are just enough to get you in a festive mood.

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Farmhouse decorations for the fireplace

Easy, simple yet brilliant.
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Subtle colours and nudes

You can create this cosy vibe by adding some nude decorations and some Christmas lights. This combo always looks amazing.

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DIY wreath made of Christmas bulbs

Make yourself this unique Christmas wreath at home!

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White all over the place

That’s how you make your own winter wonderland right in your living room.

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