Do you want to make one of the best looking succulent gardens? Here are 21 beautiful ideas and DIY crafts that will help you.

Succulents are great, they are easy to maintain, and they make great decor accents even in a garden. Because of that, you can be extra creative in the way you make your succulent gardens. You can use many types of planters from various materials. If you want to add whimsy to your garden, go ahead and use succulents.

So here are 21 ideas and DIY crafts that will inspire you to do all that and more. So check out this list and pick your favorites for the best succulent garden that you can create. Enjoy!

DIY Seashell Planters for a Succulent Garden

Do you have many seashells from your last trip to the beach? You better do because we have a terrific DIY project for you. Make these whimsical seashell planters for your succulent garden. It will make a great accent.

DIY Succulent Sphere

These succulent spheres make a great accent in your garden. They are simple enough to make and maintain. Just follow this tutorial with instructions.

Living Succulent Wall Garden

Living Succulent Wall Garden #gardendesign

Living plant walls are all the rage, and you can have one too. Succulents are perhaps the best idea for such a wall because they are easy to maintain. This beautiful succulent wall is a terrific idea.

Tube Succulent Planters for Your Garden

Tube Succulent Planters for Your Garden #gardendesign

Need more accents for your garden? How about these tube succulent planters from upcycled materials? It’s certainly unique.

Rustic Succulent Garden Planter

Rustic Succulent Garden Planter #gardendesign

Rustic accents make anything great, including your garden. This succulent planter will make a brilliant accent indoors just as well as outdoors.

Old Shoes Concrete Succulent Garden Planter

How much more whimsy do you want in your garden? If the answer is, “more.” Then this idea of a concrete planter made of old shoes is definitely for you.…

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