21 Casual Messy Hairstyles To Try Right Now

Sometimes we just don’t want to fuss about hairstyles or have no time for that, so a quick messy solution is right what we need, besides messy hair is a popular thing now. Let’s see what to recreate easily and fast to look casual and stylish.


A messy bun or top knot is the most popular thing here. A top bun or a low bun can be made in just a couple of minutes, so if you are in a hurry, rock it. Want a fun touch? Make two top buns! It looks a bit childish but so cute! A messy airy updo looks no less elegant than a usual one, and it’s effortlessly chic, which is a hot trend today.

Half Up Half Down

Half up half down options mostly feature a small knot or two on top. This is a quick and simple idea suitable for casual looks, and it can be recreated in a minute, even if you don’t have time at all.

Other Ideas

A messy ponytail is another leader among fast and messy hairstyles, it can be low or high and it always looks cool and chic, such a hairstyle is even appropriate for some special occasions. Messy braids are cool, too, but you will need some time to make them.

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