Today is the day!  You all have absolutely blown my mind with your love for my calendar last year (it has currently been downloaded over 160,000 times).  That is an all time high for any single post on my blog.  So first of all, can I start by saying a huge thank you!  This is the third year I have created a free printable calendar and I have loved the design process more and more each time.  So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 2017 Hand Lettered Calendar.

2017 Free Hand Lettered Calendar, Delineate Your Dwelling

I readily admit, I am a calendar person.  My hunt always started months and months in advance for the person style, the perfect layout, etc.  I decided three years ago, no more.  I created my very own calendar and it’s cut down on the hours I used to waste searching all over the internet.

This 2017 Calendar is a similar look to last year’s.  If you follow along on Instagram Stories you probably saw I rewrote the months.  February was a doozy for me, my hand does not want to easily write that combination of letters – ha!  But, after writing the months out at least 20 times each I finally got the look I was going for.

There are a few subtle changes from last year, however.  This calendar is ALL handwritten, hand lettered.  The month, the days of the week and the actual dates all were done by hand.  I also included 12 inspirational, fun and encouraging quotes at the bottom of each month.  Some are to keep spurring you on and others just remind you that life is happy, so embrace it.

I have decided from now until the start of the new year, I will offer the entire 2017 Calendar in it’s entirety for free, no strings attached.  After January 1st 2017, my calendar will still be free to receive, but you will need to sign up for my newsletter to receive the full calendar.  So, be sure to download your copy now!

Now, let’s take one quick peak at all 12 months!

2017 Free Hand Lettered Calendar, Delineate Your Dwelling


Each month is designed to fit an 8.5 x 11 size sheet and you can easily print them straight to your home printer or a local print shop, if you decide.

ALSO, I loved (looooooooooved) how many of you tagged and shared your calendars with me over the course of 2016!!!  Please continue to do that on Instagram, Facebook or just a simple email.  I love seeing them hanging in your home, keep all you wonderful people organized and on task while adding a little pretty to your space at the same time!

Let’s do it, 2017!

> >DOWNLOAD 2017 Hand Lettered Calendar HERE !! < <

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