One fun aspect of raising children is getting to exercise your own inner child while you decorate their bedrooms. So when they’ve outgrown the nursery and journey into the teenage years, it can be a bit of a tug of war when it comes to decorating their space. Girls especially seem to have more opinions as they’re testing out styles and flowing with the fads. But not every decision has to be world war three. By creating a list of bedroom must haves together, you can work side by side to give your teenage girl a space that you both love. Take a look at these 20 tips that will help you and your girl get that decorating going.

Is your teen a lover of color? Take the shades you already have around your house and brighten them up a few notches. She will love the happy feel while you’ll love the continuous flow. (via Apartment Therapy)

One of the easiest ways to take a bedroom from little girl to big girl is the addition of metallic tones. Splash some gold here and there. Add a bit of copper and a dash of silver. Even against a previously nursery pastel it will look chic and grown up.

Speaking of pastels, if your teen is more girly girl then you’ll definitely want to embrace the soft shades. By layering on three or four, her bedroom will look less like a nursery and easily transition into any style she will land on in the future. (via Oh Eight Oh Nine)

Don’t be afraid of blush pink! She probably won’t want the bedroom walls that color but a blush wall print and a patterned rug with some throw pillows will give her space a nice blush touch. (via House of Rose)

Dining rooms aren’t the only spaces that deserve fun and fancy lighting. Consider dispensing with the builder grade shade in your daughter’s bedroom and replacing it with something fun and sparkly. (via Two Thirty Five Designs)

Not all girls are organized type A people. By providing her with shelves, you’ll encourage her to keep her space tidy while practicing her shelfie styling abilities. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Who doesn’t love a good bohemian tapestry? Whether it’s an inspiring quote or a bright happy pattern, the large art is a great way to easily fill a large wall space. (via Decor Advisor)

Many times the teen years will introduce an interest in makeup and fashion. Give your teen a space to experiment with her personal style by creating a nice area for makeup play and fashion display. (via Beauty and a Blog)

Most photos nowadays are viewed on a screen, but if your daughter still has a few screen-less years to go, it’s time to print a few pictures. Let her choose her favorite friends and family photos to hang around her bedroom. (via Cote Maison)

Some girls are super into the latest trends which means their style changes a lot by the time they graduate. Save your walls by providing a photo ledge that they can update as much as they like without adding nail holes. (via Micasa Decoracion)

Decorating isn’t the only experimental process of the teenage years. Fashion definitely has some phases too. Provide a clothes rack for your daughter to display her favorite pieces of the moment. (via Jean Oliver Designs)

What do you do for a newly turned teenager who wants something older but not too old? The answer lies with patterns. Fill her bedroom with happy colors and bright patterns that will add a more grown up feel without being too adult. (via Feedly)

You don’t need to provide a pet to teach your teen to care for something. Put some houseplants in their bedroom to give them something to pour care and love into without costing too much. (via Vintage Revivals)

The high school years present so many opportunities to read, for class and for pleasure. Choose a hanging seat, make it comfy with pillows and add a small side table to provide a cozy space for all those hours spent turning pages. (via Decor Pad)

Whiteboards used to be the must have teen room essential, but we’ve moved on to better and chicer things. Chalkboards! It gives your girl a spot to scrawl her favorite inspirational quotes and record BFF inside jokes. (via Bored Art)

Wallpaper is back in style and promises to be around for a long time. Whether it’s the whole room or just a statement wall, let your daughter choose her favorite pattern and instantly give her room some major personality. (via House of Turquoise)

You might remember having these yourself when you were a teen. Because every teen girl has twinkly lights in her bedroom at some point in her life. So let her enjoy those bulbs for as long as possible. (via We Heart It)

When you’re in school, there is a lot to keep track of. Homework assignments, textbooks, your favorite pencils. Head to the closest organizational store and help your teen choose some pieces that will help keep their desk space on point. (via Inspiration)

Are you on a tight budget when it comes to decorating your teen’s room? Instead of buying all new, get some bright paint to update the pieces you have. You’ll make some fun memories with your daughter and give her bedroom a new look. (via A Round Idea)

Don’t despair if your daughter has her own ideas about her bedroom. At the end of the day, it’s important that she loves her space so go ahead and give her the reigns. It’s worth it when it gives the two of you a better relationship. (via Vintage Revivals)

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