They say that movies are a world removed from reality but there are some who argue with that. No matter what you say about movies, we all have to agree that they have an influence on our lives even if you are not conscious of it making a difference. It is because there is something so fantastic yet real and touching about the way the characters play their role in the movie and manage to convey a complete story within a couple of hours. Which is why there is a list of sexiest movies to watch with your crush that will help you take your crush to the next level. When we have a crush on someone, you may often find yourself shy to express what you feel but each moment that you spend with him or her is spent with the longing to come closer to her or him. One of the ways to do this is by doing things together that bring about this change but without you having to do anything obvious. Like there are best Christmas songs and movies for perfect family moments, there are sexy movies to watch with your main squeeze.

The fact is that movies have played a big role in our lives and every aspect of it. For instance you have most popular fashion based movies of all time that bring home the importance of fashion in our lives. Do look at the list of the sexiest movies to watch with your crush and let us know what you think. As it is, we tend to borrow a lot from the celluloid world and take inspiration from super looks from the recent Venice film festival.

20 Sexiest Movies To Watch With Your Crush

When Harry met Sally: This movie about two friends who end up becoming lovers through their often-intertwined life journey is definitely bound to be a turn on. It will make you and your crush want to hold hands and do romantic things together.

Closer: This movie where a British and American couple seem to keep swapping and interchangeably exchanging lives and relationships is a movie that offers an interesting plot. There is deceit, cheating and marriage.

Pride and Prejudice: What can we say about Darcy and Elizabeth in this old classic. Where the main protagonists seem to hate each other and keep fighting their attraction for each other only to fall even harder in love is a good film to watch with your crush.

Casablanca: What is there not to enjoy a crying fest with your crush about a film that is about love that is unrequited? The main characters are good looking and the whole movie is in black and white adding a nice touch to the whole movie.

Love actually: This movie will keep you confused and somewhat bewildered with the mix of characters as they all come together towards the end of the movie. You and your crush will often exchange eye contact and smile as the movie unfolds.

Ghost: This movie may be unbelievable but it will touch you and make your heart ache with a longing for such a love as is seen in the movie. This movie will make you and your crush want to hold hands at the least.

Jerry Maguire: The dialogue which goes “You complete me” can make many a woman sigh with longing and the movie plot is also a good one to watch. What more can you ask for?

In the mood for love: This story revolves around two couples who move into a building in Hong Kong and discover that their spouses are cheating on them. Will want you to cozy up close with your crush.

Annie Hall: This movie will slowly creep up to becoming interesting as a comedian talks about his failed relationships with a free spirited woman. May not turn you into mush but will still work well.

Sleepless in Seattle: A lovely woman, a lonely man longing for a close relationship and his son playing cupid. It is a movie that will make you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

Donnie Darko: Do you think it is an unusual choice of movie to watch with your crush? But it will work as it has a teenager who is an outsider and time travel to keep you thrilled.

The way we were: How many times have felt you were part of an odd couple who wants to be together but doesn’t? Then this movie is for you to enjoy with your crush and make the most of your date.

Knocked up: How do you think you would feel if an one night stand with a stranger turns out to result in a pregnant? You start to feel a bit better about things when the guy who seems like a loser, turns out to be a soul mate.

Pretty in pink: This lovely triangle with three high school students will make you want to go back and live those days all over again. It is a great watch for a date with your crush.

Vertigo: A detective plagued by fear of heights gets further embroiled when he is called upon to investigate his old friend’s wife. The twists and turns will ensure that you have a lot of eye contact with your crush as you watch the movie.

Four funerals and a wedding: Though engaged, the heroine has a one night stand with the hero and then realizes that he is her true love. The movie starts with a bit of cheating but ends well.

Friends with benefits: Two friends who decide to add sex to their relationship end up feeling confused because they fall in love. Sounds a bit familiar? Maybe this will make you and your crush open up and talk about your feelings.

Secretary: The movie where a boss turns his less than superb secretary into a participant in BDSM sex is bound to be exciting and let’s be honest a bit of a turn on.

An officer and a gentleman: A handsome man in his prime in Naval uniform riding his motorcycle to meet his girlfriend at the factory is bound to be a romantic sight that will stay with you. Need we say more?

Pretty woman: The heartless millionaire who picks up a gorgeous hooker with a heart of gold and discovering love and a purpose in his life is a tale that has to be sexy and romantic for anyone.

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