The world of fashion is naughty enough to have some knotty problems. So, now that we have gotten that out of our system, let us proceed to discussing the kind of knots that you have to be aware of if you are part of the fashion world. For instance, you have tantalizing tie waist dresses for a trim look where you have to have some mastery on knots to be able to present a nice look. If you don’t have the wherewithal to tie a knot well, then surely the lines of the dress would be spoiled and the trim effect you are trying to achieve will not be possible. Another area that we can think of where you will need to master knots is of course around ties for men. That is why apart from knowing about the various types of tie designs for men, you also need some tutorials on how to tie them.

We can go on about the many types of knots that becomes necessary for men and women who want to keep up their style quotient. One of the main ones that comes to mind right now is that of how to wear a scarf, which can be a knotty proposition indeed.

Here are some necessary knots that you may have to know if you are interested in fashion along with some tutorial images:


How to knot a tie: Ties may be considered a big pain in the neck by many, but the fact is that it adds a certain touch of sartorial elegance to a man’s appearance (even a woman’s too). But to do that you have to master the tying the tie.


How to tie a scarf: A knot for a scarf can be of many types, ranging from the mere decoration to a means of securing it.

How to knot a muffler: On those days when you want to be warm but also ensure that you are well attired.

How to tie a sash: How you knot a dress will determine how good and trim you look in the dress.

Hair tie methods: You can tie your hair using many things like twisted coil or a scrunchie or a ribbon but you should know how.

Hair knotting techniques: Knowing how to knot your hair is not just useful for when you step in to take a shower but also to look good.

Tying a bandanna: Bandannas are no longer just for keeping the hair clean as you do your chores but also a fashion statement, so, learn to do it right.

Tying knots with string: String knots are important for creating so many things that play a vital role in fashion.


Tying shoelaces: Tie your shoelaces and knot them well to ensure that you don’t stumble and also to ensure that it is easy to unravel when you want to remove your shoe.

Braiding the stole: The stole is another fashion accessory that could provide a lot of knotty opportunities.


Tie the bow tie: Learn to knot the bow well.

Tie and dye knots: If you are into tie and dye, then you have learn to create knots to get the design right.

A secure knot for jewelry: String jewelry requires secure knotting.

Head scarf tying: Knotting a scarf around the head is different from tying it around the neck.


Tie a dress: Some dresses are not worn, they are tied and you should know how to knot.

Tying a skirt: A wraparound skirt looks better when you know how to knot.

Knotting a shirt: Tie a shirt and show off that lovely midriff.

Knotting the belt: Yes, even the belt is knotted and it looks good if you know how.

Macrame knots: These come in handy for many fashion occasions.

Tying the napkin: Though not strictly for fashion, these knots do make the table stylish.

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