20 Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas That Are Irresistibly Chic

Stylish and simple, rustic and comfortable, the modern farmhouse style is currently all the rage when it comes to finding a suitable decor for your living space. We’ve curated a collection of design elements to use as inspiration for every room in your house if you’re hoping to create a modern farmhouse interior.

A splash band of black Richlite wraps the base of the building to protect the timber siding from the snow and rain.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

A kitchen designed in a modern farmhouse style is functional, free of clutter, and always chic. Scroll to read about some of our favorite modern farmhouse kitchen designs.

A Baker’s Rustic, Industrial Kitchen 

When beginning construction, Austin–based contractor Royce Flournoy hoped that the simple, gabled structure of the farmhouse-style home he now shares with his partner would blend seamlessly into the urban space around it. 

The result? A simple, modern layout with ample light thanks to the open floor plan. In keeping with that, their modern farmhouse kitchen is a marriage of rustic warmth and industrial simplicity, with open shelving and a sleek marble countertop.

Flournoy let his partner, a baker by trade, take the reins on designing their modern farmhouse kitchen. The result is a space that’s as beautiful as it is functional, with Shaker-style cabinetry and plenty of counter space.

A Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen on a Wooded Property in Colorado 

Inspired by historic American farmhouses, this modern dwelling is sited at the base of the Rocky Mountain Foothills in West Boulder, Colorado. Designed by Boulder–based firm Surround Architecture, the 6,800-square-foot property features a modern farmhouse kitchen with a unique feature: a countertop that extends beyond the home’s four walls to create an outdoor bar area. 

At the heart of the main level is the stunning kitchen, which expertly incorporates both light and dark elements for added visual interest. And expansive windows draw the eye (and the counter!) outside to a peaceful gathering place.

A Simple but Colorful Kitchen Sits at the Heart of This Wisconsin Farmhouse

Dotted with barns aplenty, the agricultural stronghold of Door County, Wisconsin, was the perfect place for Beth and her husband’s vision of a modern farmhouse. Enlisting the help of Minnesota–based Salmela Architect, the clients worked closely together with principal architect David Salmela, as well as project architect Malini Srivastava to craft a custom rural home inspired by the local weathered barns.

The couple chose a minimalist design approach for their home, due to both budget constraints and desired outcome. The style is mirrored in the diminutive modern farmhouse kitchen, which makes use of deep blue tiling set apart by stainless steel appliances.

Tiny pops of color, such as the blue subway tiles seen here, add visual interest to this otherwise simplistic home.

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