Love is a many faceted emotion and manifests itself in many forms. There is the love that one feels for family and friends and then there is the love that one feels for that someone special. Both are love no doubt, but one is completely different from the other not only due to the erotic and physical aspect of romantic love but also because of the intensity and the place from which it is born. For instance, the love we feel for family starts with bond of blood we share with each other and becomes stronger with duty, loyalty and commitment. With friends, it is mutually shared memories, affection, loyalty and bond that is easy and fun. Romantic love on the other hand, is a bit more complex and is difficult to design though there is attraction, wanting, longing, trust, compromise and loyalty involved. That is why such love needs to be nurtured and nourished even more than other forms of love. Words, play a huge role in keeping this love going besides other factors. Which is why you need to think on the lines of writing romantic love letters for him or her.

If you are really an erudite thinker, then coming up with short romantic love quotes to bedazzle the love of your life should be easy, but for the rest of us, we need some help. Which is why we need love paragraphs for her or him. You can also hone up on some romantic questions to ask a girl or boy.

Love Paragraphs For Her/Him

My life did not change the day I saw you because at that time, I did not have the maturity or indeed sense to realize that nothing will be the same again. After all, I had met the person who will soon become the center of my life. But with time and maturity it dawned on me that a life without you will never have the kind of flavor that makes it worth living.

Will you be mine? This is not a question that I want to ask you. Instead I want to ask you to let me be a part of your life. With time I promise you that you will never regret that you let me into your life. If anything, I hope to be the pillar of support in your life but let us let that happen over time.

I didn’t know that I was looking for someone till such time I met you and then it clicked. It was like I found the missing link in the chain of life and from there on my life got better. I promise to live up to your expectations if you will let me do that.

That we are meant to be together is a fact of life that I accepted from the day we met in kindergarten but I waited till you came around to my way of thinking. Just because I am waiting does not mean that I should not tell you that are very special to me and will always be so.

Fate is when you meet someone you are supposed to love, luck is when you realize it and good sense is when you work at it at all times. I am happy to say that my fate is good in that I met you, my luck is good because I realized that you will mean a lot to me and I am smart because I am willing to work at it. I hope your fate is good, you are lucky and smart too.

We have been friends for a while now and we like each other now the time has come to take to the love level. After all, we both like each other and feel attracted to each other which adds up to love.

I cannot lie and say that I have not loved anyone else or been with others but you have to know that even though you are not my first, you are my last. And I hope you think that way too.

We met only to be torn apart time and again. Lovers have come and gone but you occupy a space in my heart and you will always do so. Tell me that you do not feel the same way and I will leave you alone.

I thought the fact that I think of you all the time is an obsession or a coincidence till I realized that the purpose if each breathe I draw is for you. I will continue to exist if you are not part of my life but I hope you will be in it to make life worth living.

All the maps in my life seem to lead me to a path that reaches you. You are my illumination, my path and my destination. Lucky am I to realize that so soon; hope your paths also lead to me if not now, in the future.

Luck had nothing to do with our being together. We worked to make it happen and we will continue to commit time and efforts to keep this going. This is not a promise but a way of life.

When life throws you a curveball, you deal with it but losing you would be like losing the entire game. You are a game that I always want to play and win. Do you feel the same way about me?

I am glad we met late in life because this way I have seen some of what is out there for me and realize that you are the one for me. It is just that I look back on the days we did not spend together and feel that it has been a loss.

I do not regret the moments that we spent apart but feel that would regret them if we had to be apart. Promise me, my love, that you will be with me as long as I draw breathe and I promise to do that too.

When I am gone, I want you to hold what we had together close to your heart and use it to forge ahead. Be happy, be content and continue to live a full life which is how you honor our life together.

Every day I was away from you was like the sun obscuring the sky and every day we spent together seems to be covered in golden light and warmth. Hopefully our life together from now onwards is always golden with the warmth of our love.

Roses come with thorns, sunshine obscured by clouds and birds with their need to fly. But our life is beautiful, warm and full of freedom to be what we want to be.

In the garden of life, may our love be like spring. Vibrant, colorful and inspiring. But if it is not we will make it so with the warmth of our love, understanding and plans for the future.

We is such a beautiful word, one that has so many connotations. It means that I am no longer lonely and that I complete. Yes, you do complete me in so many ways that I can spend many lifetimes counting it.

Do you hear the way my heart starts pounding faster with a melodious harmony when I am around you? To me this seems like the very music of life itself.

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