One of the biggest challenges when we are decorating a space is to make it unique, to give it personality (we do not want it to look like a store catalog, right?). Therefore, it is important to incorporate special pieces, which are not found anywhere. And one of the simplest tricks to achieve this is to use vintage furniture or accessories … it never fails.

Wonderful and warm ideas to decorate your bedroom in vintage style

Mixing pieces and styles gives a lot of character and makes the spaces much more interesting, but also allows us to give a new opportunity to pieces that would sometimes go to waste (and, incidentally, have fun giving them new life – painting them, for example) , that’s why today I took on the task of collecting spaces where the recovered pieces are the stars of the place. Beautiful inspiration that shows us that there is no better time to show off family treasures, or our discoveries in bazaars and second-hand ads. I hope you like them as much as I do, and they will be useful to encourage you to recycle, also in decoration.

Charming Storing and Decorating DIY Ideas in Vintage Style





















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