Halloween Decor Crochet Patterns

1. Pumpkin Love Crochet Pattern

Pumpkin Love Crochet Pattern

It isn’t always a must to go for intricate pumpkin carvings or worry about the gourds getting all perished when it comes to working up a stunning Halloween decor – because you can always get it done with some hand crocheted 3 dimensional pumpkins. What you are going to need to put the faux pumpkins together is a few yards of worsted weight yarn for pumpkin body, small amount of green for pumpkin stem, size J crochet hook, polyester fiberfill stuffing, and a yarn needle.

DIY Details : crochetdynamite

2. DIY Spider Web Crochet

DIY Spider Web Crochet

Work up a crocheted spider web on the windows, or simply hang a bunch of webs around the house to integrate a creepy crawly vibe to Halloween in an instant. Not to forget, the web is accompanied by a scary faux spider, loaded with fiber fill. Beginning from a simple crochet circle, you continue to expand towards the outer rings of the web.

Gather a size 10 crochet thread, size 8 crochet hook, fiber fill, a round container or object to form spider legs, seed beads for spider eyes, an empty pizza box, wax paper or plastic wrap, cellophane tape, glue, water, paint brush, stick pins, and clear thread to forge the webs. The pattern gets it done with triple treble stitches and chain spaces between webspokes, in a way that makes sure that each of the spokes looks unique.

DIY Details : snowcatcher

3. Halloween Tree of Spookiness

Halloween Tree of Spookiness

A real or fake branch adorned with homemade Halloween ornaments can yield a picturesque vase that falls apt and appropriate for the trick-or-treat day! The Halloween tree shared by Red Heart is customized with spooky yet adorable crochet crafts that have got three different types of ghosts and super cute Jack o’ Lanterns.

The white ghosts with googly black eyes look incredible when hanging on the branch, while the bright orange pumpkins with facial features in black add the much needed element of color to the decor. Apart from orange and white yarn, you need a steel crochet hook, thread needle, polyester fiberfill, white buttons, white sewing thread, and a few ornament hangers. We love the inverted tear drop shape sported by one of the ghosts, while the peanut-shaped one looks equally adorable.

DIY Details : redheart

4. Halloween bag Trio

Halloween bag Trio

Great holiday decorations to jazz up the space for Halloween, or winsome storage for festive candy for your kiddos – this bag trio works wonders for both. Each of the bags is put together using the same pattern that goes for foundation chain and single crochets – the key is to simply switch the colors and end up in the finished design. While the scarecrow and ghost have got crocheted pieces for the faces, the pumpkin uses felt to get it done.

The ghost face with its asymmetrical features adds so much more character to the piece, letting the crooked face bring out a free flowing form and vibe. Highland Hickory Designs shares the free pattern to forge the three bags for Halloween, while taking you through the detailed steps to build the fun and festive trio collection with utmost ease.

DIY Details : highlandhickorydesigns

5. Free Halloween Crochet Pattern for a Witch Hat

Free Halloween Crochet Pattern for a Witch Hat

Dressing up for the trick-or-treat was never so fun – for now the kiddos have got these glorious witch hats to accessorize their Halloween costumes with. While this inspiration by Crochet Kingdom builds two versions in the same color combination of black and orange.The pointy hats would look as amazing on the adults as they will on the little ones, having an accent strip complement the base hue just like magic.

Crocheting the witch hats following the free Halloween pattern shared in the below link is so easy that even a beginner at crocheting can pull it off without a hassle. Perhaps, a witch’s cauldron and a spooky flying broom is all you need to cast a wicked spell. If not for a costume accompaniment, you can always place the hats on the mantel for a lovely decor.

DIY Details : crochetkingdom

6. Halloween Party Banner

Halloween Party Banner

Why go for a regular paper bunting when you add the Halloween spirit to those party banners too? The super cute hangings on this banner are crocheted pumpkins, ghost faces, and flying bats – all assembled together using a thread or yarn. Plus, the motifs are oh so easy to make using just a handful of supplies and the most basic of crocheting skills.

All you are going to need is yarn in black, white, orange and green; a crochet hook, a yarn needle, a stitch maker, some polyester fiberfill, a sewing thread and needle, some black buttons for eyes, and some safety eyes to forge the project as shared in the below inspiration by Red Heart. Line the mantel with these party banners or simply hang them on the front door, they are going to rock the scene every single time.

DIY Details : redheart

7. Crochet Halloween Spiders

Crochet Halloween Spiders

Here’s a super clever crocheting pattern that guides you through working up two different sizes of DIY spiders that can be the most portable and handy elements of your home’s Halloween decor this season. These little spookies can be placed on the mantel, the dining table or the whole front porch amidst those jack-o-lanterns or carved pumpkins. Another great idea is to create faux spider webs and add a group of those DIY spiders into the same to end up in a creepy crawly ambiance for the trick-or-treating.

Apart from this wonderful kit shared by yarnspirations, you are going to need a handful of other supplies to get started with the project. You’ll need some stuffing, some wire, a few red beads, some googly eyes, and some glue, wherein the red beads and those eyes help you add the final touches to make the spiders look even more life-like. The kit itself comes with lots of black yarn, an aluminium crochet hook, and lets you customize the stuff according to your own whims and choices.

DIY Details : yarnspirations

8. Hanging Crochet Skeleton

Hanging Crochet Skeleton

Welcome the trick-or-treaters with a dose of spook when you have got this handcrafted skeleton hanging on the front door. The DIY crochet craft worked up in black and white yarn can complement any Halloween decor without a fail, and doesn’t require for any expert crocheting skills to get it all done. This kit by Red Heart provides you with the stuff you will need to forge the skeleton on your very own.

It has got skein in black and white, a 5mm crochet hook, some stitch markers, and a yarn needle, along with some fiber fill to let you add volume to your creation. The pattern works the skeleton head in a way that creates an open jaw for its skull, revealing the deep black universe inside, going just right with the solid black eyes of the piece.

DIY Details : redheart

9. Crochet Ghost Coasters

Crochet Ghost Coasters

Get the dining table immersed into the Halloween spirit to keep the guests reminded of the day while you all cherish a festive dinner together. Apart from being an uber cool decoration, these little crochet ghosts are a functional accessory for the table, forming the cutest coasters for the festival. The crocheted coasters will keep the wooden furniture free from those wet rings emerging from the bottoms of the glasses, while also being used as hanging decor when clubbed together into a garland.

The kit offers you a skein each of soft white and black, a yarn needle, and a 5mm crochet hook, along with a downloadable pattern that will help you pull off these miniature ghost figures just like child’s play. The fact that these ghosts are not overly done lets you use them as coasters round the year!

DIY Details : redheart

10. Boo Ghosts Trio

Boo Ghosts Trio

Who said that every single Halloween decoration had to be gory or spooky? This little trio of ghosts with an overdose of cuteness can charm up your space just like magic. Assembled together to display a ‘Boo’ message for the guests and the trick-or-treaters, each of the ghosts is about 5 inch tall and worked up entirely in white crochet yarn with tiny little black eyes, while the text is displayed in bright red.

What all you will need to get started with the craft is skein in the required colors, six half-round beads, lots of polyester fiber fill, some craft glue or hot glue gun, a tapestry needle, a G hook or the hook size needed to obtain gauge. The tutorial here at Crochet Magazine explains how you can crochet each of the parts of the assembly – the letters saying BOO, the arms of the ghosts, the head and body, as well as the base.

DIY Details : crochetmagazine

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