20 Gorgeous Rustic Living Room Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart With Warmth

1. Rustic Coupled up with Chic

Rustic Coupled up with Chic

Who would think that even the most high-fashion furniture items or decor can be transformed into a super chic and rustic thing of prettiness? But, this one proves it all with just a mere glimpse. Using a wooden ladder as a cloth hanger here makes everything not only rustic, but also absolutely edgy. While that TV shelf at the bottom has been elegantly painted in bright white. On the top, you have got a bright green wreath signifying some warmth and goodness for the space, while the cabinet below also features a few homemade vases that blend modern elements with a dose of natural beauty. Take a look at the below Pinterest share and get yourself inspired to give your living room a truly chic makeover flaunting lots of wood and of course, soothing color schemes.

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2. Wooden Cabinet Used as Entertainment Console

Wooden Cabinet Used as Entertainment Console

That entertainment console looks quite like an age-old piece of furniture, taking one much closer to nature with its beautiful wood used for the construction as well as that highly simplified design. While three shelves in the middle have been used to keep the gaming systems, the music players and the DVD consoles, the cabinets on the sides can be used to store your lovely CD collection, books or whatever you can think of. To compliment the room some more, add a homemade blanket in a cool color scheme, having a wooden signboard make the wall even more picturesque. A few touches of decor are added by hanging some empty baskets on the wall, while glass jars disguise themselves as lovely vases resting on that unique wooden cabinet.

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3. Large Rustic Clock and Decor Cabinet

Large Rustic Clock and Decor Cabinet

This one has been termed fabulous! And heading to the below Pinterest share, you are also going to back the statement without a pinch of doubt. Let the walls glow with a little splendor with lots of large lamps standing tall against the ground, while some of them rest on the coffee table, the mantel and the side cabinets. Make it all the way more rustic by installing a little cabinet on the wall, not only repurposing it into a decor table, but also a storage space for the living room. How the cabinet has been decorated is surely breathtaking – it has got a huge metallic pot sitting on the top with lots of flora and fauna inside, a few candlesticks, and a pretty picture frame sporting one of your favorite memories. That large, round clock on the wall has been kept perfectly rustic with it’s shape, texture and of course, material.

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4. Gorgeous Back-of-Couch Table

Gorgeous Back-of-Couch Table

All about sleek and style, this gorgeous Back-of-Couch Table has been called as the perfect addition to your living room by the author. And that little thing of furniture finding such a minimal deal of spot right behind the seat of the sofa can still house a bunch of pretty lamps, decor items and a few flower vases. To highlight the rustic appeal even more, go for a coat of roughly done paint, preferably, while to make it truly versatile. To get going with the construction, you are going to need 4 staircase spindles, wooden boards, a chop saw, a nail gun or drill, a few nails, a wood glue, medium-grit and fine-grit sandpapers, wood filler, some paint or stain in your choice of color, and a paintbrush. Take a look at the following tutorial to learn the easy-to-follow steps for building your own versions of the table.

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5. Introduce Subtle Colors And Lots of Wood

Introduce Subtle Colors And Lots of Wood

Who said that looking out for a rustic decor must keep you limited to warm colors or hues of whites and greys? In fact, you can let your creative juices flow and paint the whole canvas with a complete spectrum of colors. But, you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it all with fluorescent and choose shades in their subtle hues. Whether it’s different tones of blue, lots of pink or simply browns and greens, this awesome room has got you covered. Install a few flower vases on the coffee table and throw in a few different-colored pillows on the couches. For the shelves, you can go for loads of decorative items, books as well as a few storage baskets, while the TV installment here is a lovely panel on the wall constructed out of lots of wooden boards that also play the special center of attraction for the whole room.

DIY Details : pictaram

6. Rustic White and Grey Decor

Rustic White and Grey Decor

A stunningly bright combination of greys and whites for the decor, furnishings and the furniture against those clean light grey walls offers a really fresh and natural feel to the rustic interior for this spacious living room. The silver metal candlesticks, that wooden, and the fluffy rug beneath the table – all compliment the lots and lots of cushions loaded on the sofa with absolute splendor. A large chandelier with intended imperfections flaunted by the cloth add a special dose of brightness to everything, while those colorful flowers sitting on the center table add a much needed element of color. Bring out some contrast with lovely wooden flooring that is accompanied by extra-large sized sitting pillows that are a perfect mini couch for your pets. For a better insight, head to the below inspiration by Welke.

DIY Details : welke

7. DIY Downstairs Living Room Makeover

DIY Downstairs Living Room Makeover

Having a lovely Ikea Ektorp sectional complimented by two gray tufted chairs looks oh so amazing, while those two glorious corbel lights from Painted Fox make the thrifted chalkboard look even more awesome hanging on either sides of the board. Lots of framed art pieces resting on the top of the chalkboard are for extra touches of beauty and that light colored rug from World Market are simply gorgeous. A homemade, super huge round wood pallet clock establishes itself as the showstopper of the whole rustic living room – thanks to its creative paint job and a greenery wreath sitting right in the middle of the clock. Antique elements, including a DIY mirror and glass vases adore the room with utmost grace, while the cushions sporting interesting patterns and graphics are love-worthy if you prefer a little edginess.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

8. Little Elements of Furnishing

Little Elements of Furnishing

Perhaps, it’s time to head back to the stone age and celebrate the concept of rustic at its best with lots and lots of bricks replacing a smoothly varnished wall for your living room. The below Pinterest share takes you through a stunning living room that has got a bricked wall as it’s showstealer sporting a fireplace right in the middle. Even the most basic of furnishings can make all the difference and enhance the appeal of the space, taking its rustic charm to new heights altogether. You can always begin with a few golden candlesticks holding brightly lit candles making the room glow with joy, or simply introduce lots of black metal for the furniture. Take a look at the below inspiration and get all set to rush to the store for grabbing a piece of that golden goodness lighting up your very own space with absolute brightness.

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9. DIY Wooden Spool Console Table

DIY Wooden Spool Console Table

However, this inspiration has got a giant wooden spool from the dumpsters as its building blocks, you can always purchase one online, or speak to Home Depot or your electric company to check out if they have got any. You are definitely going to make a statement with this magnificent DIY Wooden Spool Console Table that sports a unique shape, exactly like two wooden semi-circles sandwiching a half-cut cylinder in the middle. It provides enough table top surface to keep a few decor items or simply use the structure as a stylish workplace with a warm cup of beverage in hand. How you are supposed to cut and assemble the spool using a few tools, including a circular saw, a hand saw, a metal cutting blade and nails has been rightly explained in the below guide by Crooked House Wife.

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10. Rustic Living Room Entryway Decor

Rustic Living Room Entryway Decor

The very first glimpse of this piece of furniture welcoming you into the living room with some extra warmth is going to make you fall head over heels in love with itself! Six beautifully designed pillars with a simple shape and a glamorous texture hold a large wooden table-top, while another board of the same size forms the base for the pillars – ending up in an adorabl-y rustic living room entryway decoration. Store a few baskets loaded with some essentials at the bottom of the table, while dedicating the top to a few long and metallic candlesticks with shapes that reflect an essence exactly like that of the pillars underneath. Large glass-vases form the perfect planters, coupled up with two pretty white lanterns around the candles. For the backdrop, you have got some wooden panels installed on the wall, having an empty mirror frame in the front.

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