Watching a movie with your family seems like a great thing to do and no doubt it is a fun exercise. But the thing about movies is that they have a lot of content in them that may not be suitable for watching along with the little ones. Which is why we have put together a list of Funny Movies To Watch With Family. And we are not just talking about best Christmas songs and movies for perfect family moments, but about funny movies to watch with the family. For instance, the perfect movies for a women’s group would be to getting into the most popular fashion based movies of all time.

We feel that every family should have a list of 20 funny movies to watch with family for those nights when you want the family to be together but not necessarily organize a night out. Having a list like this would mean you would not have to wait for news that would say that Warner Bros and J.K.Rowling announced a new movie.

Funny Movies To Watch With Family

The Goonies: A movie about a bunch of kids who keep seeking adventures and never say die can be a good one to watch with the family. The thing you have to keep in mind it may get to be a tad scary and that it may have a bit of swearing.

Pollyanna: A feel good movie where an orphan sent to stay with her rich aunt spreads positive cheer throughout the town is a good choice to go with when you want a family movie to watch. The best part is it is good but not goody-goody.

The Land before time: Baby dinosaurs advocating friendship may seem like a dull theme for a movie but it becomes more interesting when you consider the suspense in the story and the lovely songs.

Newsies: Though not historically accurate, the story is fun and centers around a troupe of newsboys who sing and dance but go on strike when the price of newspapers go up. You and your family will love the dance and choreography in the movie.

The Ghost and Mr.Chicken: Not really scary though centered about a journalist having to spend a night in a creepy old place with the standard gimmicks but in a funny way.

Akeelah and the bee: While there are lessons on dealing with peer pressure, friendship and not giving up, it is an adorable movie to watch with the family.

The point: This a friendly musical perfectly suited for kids about a kid with a round head who does not fit into the world of people who have pointy heads.

The sandlot: A step back into the innocent past with a gang of boys having fun and mischief will have all of you wishing for those innocent days.

Spirited away: The captivating animation, surrealism and the complexities will have you loving it as much as the kids if not more. A fun movie to watch for all the family members.

The gods must be crazy: This movie will have you and your kids rolling on the floor with laughter with a ridiculously simple but funny theme. The best part is it centers around a cola bottle that is thrown out.

Are we there yet?: No it is not a refrain from your kids when you are traveling but a movie that seems to come together to become endearing even as you watch.

Blank Check: Yes, it centers around a blank check, one that is filled out by a kid for million dollars. Everyone will want to have that chance which makes it a fun movie to watch with the family.

The watcher in the woods: This one is delightfully spooky but not chillingly so as it centers around two girls who go and stay in a haunted mansion and make many discoveries as they do.

Little Manhattan: A kid romantic comedy that has some sweetness to show the story of a boy’s first crush but manages to keep saccharine sweetness out of it.

The time machine: This movie will please all those young enthusiasts of science fiction movies. An inventor finds a way to travel in time and makes his way into a world where he realizes that everyone is a cannibal.

Harvey: This movie will make a fan of the 50s movies and enjoy the slapstick that will come about when a grown man has an invisible rabbit as a companion.

Wall E: This is a fun and entertaining commentary on the effects of growth in population and the effect that it has on environment.

Chicken run: This has a lot of British spit and vinegar with a charming bit of entertainment thrown in.

Triplets of Belleville: This French movie though in another language has a lot of intrigue, fun, and family loyalty.

Selena PG: This love story about the paternal love a man has for his kids and the love of the said kids for music. It is a movie that family members of all ages will enjoy.

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