DIY snow globes aren’t only great as Christmas decorations; they can be nice conversation pieces as well. Here are 20 DIY snow globe ideas you’ll love making and showing off!

The popular handmade snow globes include mason jars and waterless snow globes, but you can make traditional globes as well. After all, it’s all about your creativity and imagination. It’s up to you want kind of decorations you want to create.

The following list of 20 tutorials is very extensive, so you’ll find what you’re looking for. Better yet, use several different ideas to combine them and create your unique crafts. Enjoy!

Arctic Animals DIY Snow Globe

Never let go of a marvelous winter DIY project, much like this fantastic snow globe! This particular concept is everything a snow globe should be –refreshing, vivid and endearing to have at home! What you’ll need for this project is a set of toy figures – arctic animals, Mason jars, plastic greens, pebbles, Pickling salt, cardboard and some glue.

Initially, glue your animals on small cardboard pieces and fit them in the Mason jar, along with the greenery. Next come the salt and pebbles, representing an idyllic winter scene! There you have it! A few simple elements, but one significant impact!

Wintery Car DIY Snow Globe

Heading out for winter break? If not, here is a DIY project bound to take you places! This perfect snow globe idea will get your traveling spirit up in no time. Made with a few simple bits, such as a mason jar, a toy car (a fancy one, please!), bottle brush trees, faux snow, and jingle bells!

First, attach your tree toy onto the car, using a twine. Add faux snow into your jar and begin assembling the pieces together. Also, make sure you pick a toy car sized to fit through the jar opening.…

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