Are you trying to save on buying new furniture for your home? One of the best ways to do that is to build your own DIY couch.

A DIY couch may seem like a complicated project that only seasoned wood crafting masters can do. It can’t be further from the truth and we will prove that in this post. All you need to build a couch is to have the right plans and instructions.

There are many ways to build a piece of furniture, using many different kinds of materials. You can make a complicated sectional sofa with built-in storage, and you can make a quick and easy pallet couch. It all depends on your needs and your level of expertise. However, you can be sure you can build it even if you’re a beginner.

Here are 20 easy projects to get you on the right track. Let’s dig in!

DIY Couch from Old Doors

This is one of the best repurposing projects that we’ve ever seen. Building a couch isn’t easy and takes some effort. So anything you can do to simplify the task is most welcome. This project does that by making use of old doors!

Old doors as material for repurposing is very convenient. Consider them as wood boards. Then, by putting them together, you can get even such a complicate handmade furniture like a couch.

This is an enjoyable project if you can get yourself a few old doors (try Craigslist). Who says you can’t build a DIY couch over a weekend?

DIY Couch for Patio

This project is made for a DIY sofa and a daybed for the patio, but it can be easily re-made for your DIY couch. After all, it’s pretty much the same piece of furniture with a different purpose. That means you can quickly build your couch from pallets as shown in this tutorial.…

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