Easter Centerpieces

1. Broken Egg Shell Mini Vases

Broken Egg Shell Mini Vases

Putting together a stunning centerpiece using a few nitty-gritty items you have, specially creating the very best out of waste is a thing of absolute fun and creativity. It’s surprisingly easy to get this one done if you have got a few empty egg shells in hand that are a more than perfect decor element when it comes to bringing out the essence of Easter. Having an old egg tray as the base, this centerpiece features a bunch of white egg shells broken from the top in a way to form a super cute mini vase housing pretty pink flowers. To add your own touches, you can also use eggs in different colors to make it a lot more bold and attention grabbing. Finish the piece with a elegant ribbon in a shade that matches the hue of the flora and voila !

DIY Details : loldamn

2. Easter Basket Centerpiece

Easter Basket Centerpiece

It really doesn’t call for a sharp eye to figure out that this Easter Basket Centerpiece loaded with a breathtaking shades of pink on those lovely flowers is all about sheer beauty. Whether you go for flowers collected from your own garden or simply get them from the nearby florist, this amazing idea is going to gel just like magic with those pretty picks. What makes it even more appropriate for the occasion is loads and loads of eggs that are replacing the sand of this DIY planter sitting on your center table with great grace. A simple basket is all credits for creating this incredible focal point for the table by housing the eggs as well as the flowers. Head to the following Pin to get your hands on the adorable inspiration, getting all set to work out your very own versions of the Easter Basket.

DIY Details : pin

3. Adorable Easter Egg Tree

Adorable Easter Egg Tree

Even in the most unique of dreams, who would imagine that eggs could go on trees? However, taking a mere glimpse at this Adorable Easter Egg Tree proving itself to be the most arresting centerpiece for the get-together, the dream is going to come true ! The author made the tree with eggs that were resting in her fridge since quite long and a few other readily available materials that everyone already has on hand. She calls the centerpiece a perfect element of spring for the home, and the mesmerizing appearance of this piece backs the statement perfectly well. What you are going to need is a few blown and decorated eggs, a hot glue gun, some ribbon, a branch from your garden or some silk flower stems, and lastly, a mason jar loaded with pebbles in order to be stable enough to hold your Easter tree.

DIY Details : peanutblossom

4. Spring-Inspired Easter Tablescape and Carrot Centerpieces

Spring-Inspired Easter Tablescape and Carrot Centerpieces

Oh so inviting for all the Easter bunnies, this tablescape has got lots of carrots going into the making. Stuffing a huge see-through jar to the brim, the carrots have been cut to fit in the DIY vase with utmost perfection, that too with keeping their shapes and sizes quite consistent. However, close attention has been paid to make sure everything looks truly natural at the same time. Add some fresh flowers having their stems also cut to fit in the jar perfectly, clubbing them all together in a way to make them rest right in the middle of all the carrots. You are going to fall in love with the yellow, white, and green flowers that go truly beautifully against the bright orange of the carrots. Lastly, a few Stamped Egg Place Cards play the role of out-of-the-box place settings.

DIY Details : lovegrowswild

5. Easter Egg Vase

Easter Egg Vase

When it comes to bringing a basket of eggs combined with lots and lots of flowers to life, you have got an endless list of ideas for yielding gorgeous festive centerpieces, each having a style of their very own to display the lovely blend. Not to forget, the kind of colors you go for can end up in a completely different look and feel for the decor, just like subtle and pleasing pastel hues make this Easter Egg Vase a jaw-dropping thing of prettiness. What you need to begin with is a transparent cookie jar with a large mouth, followed by lining it with a bunch of colors, hard-cooked eggs from the sides. For the center, you need to choose a few daisies, roses, tulips or just about any flowers you like and arrange them in a water-filled glass kept in the exact center of the cookie jar.

DIY Details : bhg

6. DIY : Make Your Own Golden Easter Eggs

DIY : Make Your Own Golden Easter Eggs

Integrating an element of golden makes even the most simplest of things look absolutely luxurious. And this DIY Easter centerpiece decoration inspiration does just that with a bunch of left-over eggs thoroughly painted in a coat of shimmery gold. That glorious shine sported by the eggs surely makes them so much celebration-worthy, specially with that little touch oh bronze going into the golden. It’s an awesome idea to break a few eggs from the lot from the extreme top and transform them into a little vase that can house some beautiful lilies with their bright green stems complimenting the whole color scheme of the centerpiece just like magic. Head to the below guide by 79 Ideas to learn what all you need to do to put this one together.

DIY Details : 79ideas

7. Easter DIY Centerpiece with Colorful Eggs

Easter DIY Centerpiece with Colorful Eggs

A huge bundle of brightly colored Easter grass forms the bottom layer of the decor, further topped with a handful of colorful layers consisting of cute little eggs only to be adorned with some more grass on top for the final touches. All you need to gather is lots of Easter eggs, a bag of Easter grass from the store, and any clear glass jar lying around the house to get going with the project. The best part about this idea is that it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get it all done that makes it perfect for all the last-minute procrastinators who haven’t got any time to decorate the home for an Easter party. Also, this one costs no more than a deal of 5 dollars which surely makes it surprisingly budget-friendly for the kind of exquisite appearance that it flaunts.

DIY Details : purplepatchdiy

8. Easter Peeps Flower Vase

Easter Peeps Flower Vase

Jelly beans sporting a vibrant shade of yellow can make a vase loaded with flowers way more sweeter than you would ever think of – exactly like this Easter Peeps Flower Vase ! What lies in the middle is a smaller glass, surrounded by lots and lots of jelly beans from the sides. What you put on top of the jelly beans is some utterly cute little marshmallow bunnies in pretty pink, making the idea super cheery and joyful in the absolute Easter spirit. And that glass in the center forms the perfect home for bright pink flowers. It’s totally up to you when it comes to selecting the colors for the jelly beans as well as those bunny candies, and if you are more of a rainbow-lover, you can always go for getting it all done with multi-colored sweets.

DIY Details : craftbyphoto

9. Marshmallow Peeps and M&M Easter Vase

Marshmallow Peeps and M&M Easter Vase

Get ready to fall madly in love with those little marshmallow Peeps that look so adorable while peeking out of the glass vase that disguises itself as the showstopper of any Easter celebration. With the help of a few BBQ skewers, some more bunny peeps stick out of the flowers loaded in the vase. After all, who wouldn’t be pleased to know that they can get an edible piece of the centerpiece? Fill the whole vase with layers of M&M candies in a way that they sandwich the middle layer of marshmallow peeps, and form a subtle ombre of colors to make the see-through affair a complete splendor. It’s so easy to put it together that even the kids can indulge in some festive decoration getting their hands on this wonderful inspiration!

DIY Details : twosisterscrafting

10. DIY Robin Blue Painted Easter Eggs

DIY Robin Blue Painted Easter Eggs

A surf blue, a couscous yellow and a unique shade of green that falls right between the yellow and blue are the star element of this one-of-a-kind Easter centerpieces that is all about the idea of minimalism and subtle. To make the eggs surprisingly true to life, you add lots of speckles and splatter of golden brown paint with the help of an old toothbrush. The eggs are actually lovely wooden eggs brought from the store that are resting in a DIY nest made out of dry grass wrapped in a circle inside a large bowl. That neat and beautiful looks sported by the finished piece makes it exceptionally versatile to fit with just about any Easter table setting, and of course, any festive meal that you plan to prepare to delight your friends and family.

DIY Details : birdsparty

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