Personally, I’m not a big fan of framed pictures displayed around the house but I have to admit that there are some pretty interesting ways to make these things stand out. Some are so inspiring that they make you reconsider your home decor. Obviously, we’re talking about projects that you can do yourself and customize in any way that you want. Have a look at these DIY picture frames and let your creativity run wild.

A plain picture frame is pretty boring, even if the picture itself is interesting. The solution to this problem is simple: add some spark and beauty to the frame with some DIY flowers. These ones, for instance, are made out of a cardboard egg carton. Yes, we now it sounds weird, but give it a try and you’ll find out it’s a simple project that you’ll fall in love with. You can use these flowers for others things too.

Maybe you’re not a fan of pictures printed on paper. They don’t really stand out in any way but you can change that using a simple technique. The idea is to transfer the picture on wood. What you’ll get is a more rustic and interesting version of the original photo, not as crystal clear and HD but more original. The technique is simple. Cover the surface of the photo with Mod Podge and then put it face down on a piece of wood. Let it dry overnight and then gently peel off the paper on the back of the photo.


If you like abstract and artistic designs, then maybe you’d like to try something a bit different: paint-dipped picture frames. The idea is simple. You put a picture in a frame and you cover it with glass. Then you take a piece of tape and you divide the frame in two. It doesn’t have to be a perfect line. After that, paint over the frame and glass and cover up one of the two sections. Remove the tape and let the paint dry. The picture won’t be damaged in the process, being protected by the glass.

Conventional picture frames can be pretty boring, even though there are lots of types and styles to choose from. If you’d prefer something similar but at the same time different, perhaps you could display your favorite photos on scrap wood picture frames. All you have to do is find some leftover pieces of wood and cut them to the desired dimensions. Then attach pictures to them using thumbtacks. They’ll be framed, but not in the traditional way.

Sometimes it’s enough to change something simple about a standard picture frame to make it more interesting. For instance, what if you were to choose circular frames instead of the usual rectangular ones? That would be an interesting twist. Of course, round frames are pretty hard to come by so you can improvise: get some mirrors, pop out the glass and turn them into picture frames. Then glue some belts around the edges so you can hang them. It’s simple, fun and cheap and it’s all described on Abeautifulmess.

Something about traditional picture frames makes them look formal and that’s a style that doesn’t usually suit spaces like the bedroom or modern and contemporary decors in general. So what can you do in such a case? Well, you shouldn’t give up the idea of personalizing the room with pictures. Instead, look for more casual alternatives, like this large DIY frame with chicken wire instead of cardboard. The pictures are displayed with the help of wooden clothespins. It’s not really a picture frame as much as it is a picture display.{found on diyweekendwife}.

If you want something a bit more refined and sleek, check out this chic acrylic frame featured on Abeautifulmess. Don’t be intimidated by how clean and stylish it looks. This is actually something that you can craft yourself. Here’s what you’ll need: a piece of acrylic a bit bigger than the photo you want to display, mounting hardware, screws, a drill, gold spray paint (or a different color), painter’s tape, glue dots and a picture.

A somewhat similar idea is mentioned on Paulsvera. The suggestion here is to use two pieces of plexiglas and to place a picture between them. Then you frame it all with pieces of wood that have grooves and at the end you take a piece of elastic and you glue it around the edge of the frame, with the top portion slightly loose so you can hang it. You can also try this with dried flowers or pretty much anything that you can put between the two sheets of acrylic.

If you like the look of wood frame, the rusticity and warmth that they add to the decor, then perhaps you might like to have some fun with a wood burner. Just take a plain and simple wood frame and your wood burning tool set on high and start drawing lines and other designs on it. You can pretty much create any pattern you want. It doesn’t even have to be a symmetrical or repetitive design. Just be creative and have fun. {found on craftylittlegnome}.

You can do a lot of great things with just a little bit of spray paint. For instance, check out this two-tone picture frame design featured on Dreamgreendiy. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can personalize a picture frame to make it stand out in a unique way. All you need for this sort of project is the frame, some painter’s tape and spray paint in two different colors. Use tape to divide the frame in two sections and to cover up the interior edges (if you want). Then just paint the two sections in two different colors. You can use the accent colors already employed throughout the room or you can use this opportunity to introduce a new set of colors to the decor.

Another interesting and inspiring idea is suggested on Craftylittlegnome. Check out the tutorial to find out how to get that cracked wood look. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. It all starts with a simple wood frame. First you need to apply some stain. This will be the color of the cracks. Let it dry and then apply white school glue on the frame and once it starts to dry add a coat of paint on top of the glue. As the paint dries it will start to crack and you’ll get this vintage-rustic look.

Stripes are always chic and they’re easy to work with so obviously we just had to include a striped picture frame design in this list. We selected the design featured on Dreamgreendiy. We like the black and white combination and the pastel accents squeezed in there. Of course, you can choose any combination of colors for your own picture frames. In addition to the acrylic paint, the project also requires a foam paintbrush, painter’s tape (the thin kind) and scissors. You can find all the details in the full tutorial.

It seems paint-dipped frames are quite trendy and that’s great because they’re so easy to customize. Check out this frame featured on Brooklynberrydesigns. Isn’t it glamorous and beautiful? If you’re not a big fan or ornate frames or gold paint you can choose a different style for your own version of the project.

If you’re up for a challenge, maybe the project featured on Build-basic is for you. Keep in mind that’s a bit more complex than what we covered so far. You’d have to build the frame yourself from scratch and for that you’ll need some wood boards, molding, nails, wood glue, wood filler and possibly also wood stain or paint. The design featured here includes four picture frames attached to a large board but you can customize yours however you want.

I like how playful the pattern on this picture frame is. The colors are also pretty fun and dynamic and that suits the style well. If you want to create something similar, you’ll need to start with a plain wood frame, acrylic craft paint in various colors and a sharpie. First of all, paint the frame white. Then use a pencil and a ruler to draw the chevron pattern on the frame. After that, color some of triangles and at the end trace the pattern with a sharpie. It’s all described in detail in 365designs.

Speaking of colorful and playful designs, check out these quirky picture frames decorated with colored pencils. Yes, that’s right, the pencils are part of the design. Here’s how you get this look: take a box of colored pencils, divide them into groups and cut them. You’ll need a few long ones for the top and bottom of the frame and then some short ones for the sides. Alternate the colors to get a nice random combination. Attach them to the frame with glue. {found on leighlaurelstudios}.

For larger pictures or oversized photos you can forget about the standard picture frames and try something else instead. You could simply attach some thin pieces of wood to the top and bottom of the picture so you can hang it straight. Cut, sand and stain the wood and then secure them to the top and bottom, sandwiching the picture between them using nails. It’s a technique often used when hanging maps or posters. {found on cityfarmhouse}.

We also came across a fun little idea while browsing Jugglingactmama. It goes like this: you attach the pictures to blocks of wood using clips. It’s not as strange or as difficult as you’d imagine. Just find some scrap pieces of wood, cut them so they’re just a bit bigger than the pictures and then paint them. You can also cover with scrapbook paper or fabric. Then attach a clip to each block of wood. You can also use a dowel piece to make a support that holds the picture so you can display it on a shelf or a table.

In case you happen to have some fabric scraps waiting to be used for something creative, check out this ombre picture frame design featured on Mimimommyandme. It’s a fairly simple project and all you need for it is a picture frame, some scrap pieces of fabric and some glue. You can use fabric pieces in different shades of the same color and arrange them in a gradient or you can mix and match them however you want.

Some projects are so easy even kids could try them. Actually, there’s this one on Ponkstripesocks that’s particularly suitable for kids. It’s a mosaic picture frame design for which you need some cardboard, glue, tape, acrylic craft paint in various colors and some paint brushes. First a piece of cardboard needs to be cut slightly larger than the picture. The frame needs to be painted and it can also get a coat of mod podge for a shiny finish. Then the mosaic tiles are cut out and painted. They’re then glued to the frame around the photo.

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