DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas

1. How To Make A Clay Pot Fountain

How To Make A Clay Pot Fountain

Calling for no complicated constructions at all, here is a gorgeous homemade fountain coming to life almost instantly. That pyramidal structure sporting clay pots decreasing in size towards the top looks splendid with water travelling down the different levels.

DIY Details : flyingkitten

2. Stacked Stones Fountain

Stacked Stones Fountain

The idea of less is more makes this water feature standout with natural simplicity. Different-sized stones when stacked on top of each other with a clear silicone adhesive end up in a super soothing fountain having an underwater pump as its foundation.

DIY Details : thisoldhouse

3. DIY Bamboo Water Feature

DIY Bamboo Water Feature

Providing the water passage to the vessel, that thick piece of bamboo resting on a bunch of close-tied thinner bamboo sticks establishes itself as the complete showstopper here. It’s actually a bamboo artist cup connected to a homemade pump.

DIY Details : safaffect

4. Concrete Fountain

Fountain: How to Build a Concrete Fountain

What lies at the base is a stone-lined garden pond, while another block of stone transforms it into a one-of-a-kind waterfall using a handful of tools and a bit of creativity. And the texture brought by the sandstones make everything oh so rustic.

DIY Details : familyhandyman

5. Mushroom Water Fountain

Mushroom Water Fountain

Add a mystical fairy land touch to your garden with mushroom fountain heads showering pretty raindrops to an ultra-mini pond at the bottom. Use wooden logs for the stems and line the whole structure with loads of pebbles for finishing touches.

DIY Details : simplelocksmith

6. Make an Urn Fountain

Make an Urn Fountain

Once you build an underground pump and reservoir, all you need to do is to secure a vintage-themed urn to the same using large cinder blocks and a trap door. What’s actually visible is the large urn surrounded with rocks, pumping water with grace.

DIY Details : bhg

7. Small DIY Patio Fountain

Small DIY Patio Fountain

The awesome thing about this gorgeousness is that its totally portable and compact – perfect to integrate some soothing beauty to your patio. The supplies include a large pot, a bucket, a fountain kit, hardware cloth and river rocks.

DIY Details : shelterness

8. Water Jug Water Feature

Water Jug Water Feature

With jugs hanging in mid-air, it seems as if this water feature is being operated by some magical spell. A large galvanized tub catches the water flowing from two recycled watering cans that have the garden fence and a pole holding them in place.

DIY Details : dawnmarie100

9. Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

Movable with utmost ease, this tub fountain with a ceramic gazing ball on top is a more than perfect garden accessory constructed with a galvanized bucket, a tub, lots of river rocks, submersible pump, and clay pots.

DIY Details : bhg

10. Whata Wata Fountain

Whata Wata Fountain

Three giant planters flaunting a bold hue of royal blue work miraculously well to yield a charming garden waterfall. Stack the pots, inserting a water tube through drainage holes in the pot, lastly filling them with river rocks.

DIY Details : jparisdesigns

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