20 DIY Jewelry Organizers Displaying Your Accessories With Great Style

1. From Wooden Trays to Hanging Jewelry Organizers

From Wooden Trays to Hanging Jewelry Organizers

A tray isn’t limited to holding teacups anymore! Mounting the back of a primed and painted wooden tray on the wall works wonders for hanging all your necklaces, chains and bracelets. The bottom side of the tray provides for a lovely shelf to place little boxes or tins that can be used to house jewelry items that don’t hang.

DIY Details : atimeforeverything

2. Recycle a Tennis Racket into a Jewelry Display

Recycle a Tennis Racket into a Jewelry Display

Upcycling is rightly defined by this tennis racket that gets an all new life when repurposed as a jewelry display. Mount the racket on the wall, and keep all your earrings and chains well-organized at one single spot by hanging them on the racket’s net. And you don’t ever have to meet the hassle that comes with entangled jewelry.

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3. DIY Cake Stand Jewelry Organizer


Who said that DIY cake stands were only meant to display cupcakes and desserts in style? They look equally gorgeous when storing all your nitty gritty pieces of jewelry. To craft your very own jewelry stand from the very scratch, you are going to need two or more plates, a candlestick, some epoxy glue and a few heavy books.

DIY Details : sarahortega

4. Recycled Box Jewelry Organizer

Recycled Box Jewelry Organizer

An old box of wine or a wooden crate is totally going to steal the show when housing two glass bottles, and hanging on the wall. The bottles hold your elastic bracelets and bangles in place, letting you place the larger and elastic bracelets at the bottom, while the smaller ones for the neck of the bottle. Stain the box or simply celebrate its weathered texture.

DIY Details : decoratrix

5. DIY Jewelry Organizer

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Craft a one-of-a-kind jewelry hanger that looks as pretty as the accessories it displays! The idea is to ditch photographs, instead employing a metal sheet inside a photo frame. Apart from the sheet and frame, you are going to need some decorative knobs, a nice primer, spray paint, and some glazier points. Hang necklaces on the designer knobs attached to the frame’s bottom.

DIY Details : landeeseelandeedo

6. $5 Solution : DIY Jewelry Organization

$5 Solution : DIY Jewelry Organization

Beautifully rustic is what we call this amazing solution for a clever jewelry organization, costing no more than five dollars. It’s actually prepared with large pieces of driftwood, some 1/2 inch brass cup hooks, and a few 2 inch screws. The hooks inserted into the wood help you to hang your bracelets and necklaces with utmost elegance.

DIY Details : remodelaholic

7. DIY Necklace Bracelet Holder

DIY Necklace Bracelet Holder

As gorgeous as it’s functional, this DIY necklace bracelet holder sports a lovely candlestick base, while a wooden dowel or paper towel roll attached atop the stick in a horizontal fashion actually holds the jewelry. Spray paint the holder in your choice of color, further adorning it with pretty embellishments. The tools include a hot glue gun, paint and primer.

DIY Details : lifeannstyle

8. DIY Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewelry Storage

A gloriously painted canvas or a cabinet? This DIY Jewelry storage solution works wonders as both. The hidden jewelery storage is actually canvas board mounted to the wall using a piano hinge, having some screws, cup hooks, drill, measuring tape, level, and a pencil the other essential supplies to work up the project. The frame offers the perfect depth to hang the jewelry.

DIY Details : teenyideas

9. Inset Jewelry Cabinet

Inset Jewelry Cabinet

Cutting a square-shaped cavity in the wall and framing it out creates a unique cabinet, finished up with a rightly sized door. Paint sticks are air nailed to the inside of the door, wherein cup hooks attached to the sticks allow for an easy hanging of the necklaces and other jewelry. A closet rod and dowel stained with Minwax Dark Walnut store the bracelets.

DIY Details : infarrantlycreative

10. Decorative Wall Hooks as Jewelry Storage

Decorative Wall Hooks as Jewelry Storage

Get as random as you can while grabbing a whole bundle of wall hooks in a spectrum of styles, shapes, designs and colors. Because the more vivid your collection of wall hooks is, the more beautiful would this jewelry storage look. Once you finalize the layout in which you will install the hooks, mount them on the wall and they are all set to hang your necklaces.

DIY Details : girlinthegarage

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