DIY Baby Shoes Ideas With Free Patterns and Instructions

1. Stylish Baby Moccasins:

 Stylish Baby Moccasins

These cute baby moccasins are extremely stylish, comfortable and super cute. A big bow tie on the top of this bootie makes for a great addition. Get the combination of solid and patterned pieces of fabric together, and you’ll truly fall in love with how these sweet little moccasins turn out. See this tutorial here: shwinandshwin

2. Cosy Fur & Leather Baby Booties:

 Cosy Fur & Leather Baby Booties

Want to make easy leather booties for a cold weather baby? Well, these fur baby shoes are both cozy and warm for your little ones. With touches like faux fur, leather, and amazing lace-up design, these oil-tanned yellow colored booties will look exceptionally high on those teeny-weeny feet. Click here for simple tutorial: shwinandshwin

3. Itty Bitty Baby Shoes:

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

Line some sweet seersucker with felt and your go-to boy gift is ready. They are quite fabulous and a must on your to-do list this time. This pattern is incredibly cute and lovely. If you’re a sucker for itty bitty shoes, well then you need to try this one. See here: shwinandshwin

4. Adorable Baby Shoes for Toddlers:

 Adorable Baby Shoes for Toddlers

Nothing could be more charming and comfortable than these little toddler shoes. The use of little Velcro strap on these DIY baby shoes gives the pair a more snug fit so that your naughty toddler’s feet stay inside quite well. Little tags make these booties more personal and also reflect TOMS outstandingly. Click here for pattern: homemadetoast

5. Fabric Cloth Baby Shoes:

 Fabric Cloth Baby Shoes

Just three different sized pieces of fabric and your cloth baby shoes are ready. You can pick any bright and cheery pattern and turn it into stylish and fun baby booties. You can also add a personal touch to these shoes by using some funny cartoon character’s sticker on either top or side of your baby shoes. See the steps here: thatssewnina

6. Bright and Comfy Baby Shoes:

 Bright and Comfy Baby Shoes

Are you waiting to welcome a new baby in your family? Need to give a homemade shower gift for a personal touch? Well, these handmade fabric baby shoes are amazing for newborn babies. They’re not only cute but super comfortable as well. Use some bright colored fabric and take to sewing with this simple tutorial: ehow

7. Stay-on Baby Booties:

Stay-on Baby Booties

What on earth could be more adorable than these maggies stay-on-baby booties? They are lovely and pretty simple to make. From polka dots to stripes and prints to geometrical shapes, pick any fabric you think will look cute and get ready to make these booties. You can make these booties for your growing kids as well. etsy

8. Fashionable DIY Baby Shoes:

 Fashionable DIY Baby Shoes

Moms will not help but cry out ‘oh-so-fashionable baby’ when they will spot your young one wearing these little DIY baby shoes. They are undoubtedly the simplest pair of shoes you can make in just a few steps. Use your creativity and add a striking element to this simple pair. See how to make it here: lovethispic

9. Perfectly Bright Baby Shoes:

Perfectly Bright Baby Shoes

Cute! Adorable! Pretty! This is what will come to your mind when you see these incredibly beautiful pairs of baby shoes. The colorful leather bottom will add another amazing touch to these already beautiful shoes. The bright sole is the perfection which will make you obsessed to try these right away. See here: craftinessisnotoptional

10. Pretty Mary Jane Baby Shoes:

 Pretty Mary Jane Baby Shoes

Mary Jane baby shoe pattern is hand-drawn which is extremely simple to make. These shoes are perfect for you little doll, your darling. Flowery pattern, soft fabric and cute little button on the strap make for the most amazing pair of baby shoes ever made. They will make your sweet baby look the cutest. See the tutorial here: thecottagemama

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