20 Creative Garden Signs to Personalize Your Yard

Want to make your lovely garden even more interesting? Here are some fantastic ideas for garden signs that will make your plants even prettier.

Planting and growing your garden is a fantastic experience to anyone with a green thumb. It’s your little getaway place that you make by your own hands. And you want it to be as pretty and charming as possible; you want to give it a personality of its own. A great way to do that is with creative gardens signs.

There are many ways to make garden signs. You can build them yourself from many different materials. You can find some unique signs in thrift stores an flea markets, or you can get them online on sites like Etsy. In any case, you want them to be as unique as your garden is. So here are 20 brilliant ideas to inspire you.

Scrap Wood DIY Garden Sign

You can make garden signs from scrap wood, and that’s one of the cheapest ways to create unique decor accents to add to your garden. All you need is a board and some paint – these can be leftover materials from your other project.

Want to get a good idea on how to make a sign from scrap materials, check out this tutorial. It will show you how you can paint and use stencils to get the look you want. Your garden will look all the more beautiful with this addition.

Slate Tile DIY Garden Sign

A slate tile makes an excellent base for a sign. All you have to do is write or draw anything to make a garden sign. You can use stencils here too to make painting easier. Check out this tutorial for instructions on how to make this project and tips on using slate tiles as a garden sign.…

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