Looking to make your own DIY Roman shades? It’s a great idea, and you can save a lot by making them yourself than buying. All you need are these detailed tutorials to guide you through.

Roman shades provide style and privacy in the form of window treatment. They make a great accent, and they can introduce popping patterns into your home decor. More often than not they are a real conversation piece.

So we’ve picked up 20 of the best tutorials for DIY Roman shades that you can make even if you’re a beginner. Some of these are easy while others are a bit more involved. It all depends on what kind of shades you want to make at home exactly.

DIY Roman Shades from Mini Blinds

How to make #DIY Roman shades from mini blinds #homedecor

Tutorial: honestlywtf.com

Do you have your favorite pattern fabric? We always have something like that in our homes and any chance to use it in crafts is most welcome. And because we’re on the topic of roman shades, that’s exactly what we will do now.

You need mini blinds to use as the base and your favorite fabric for this project. You can make beautiful DIY roman shades using this technique. It’s rather easy when following the instructions in this tutorial So have fun!

DIY Roman Shades 2.0

Want to make your roman shades from scratch? Yes, we know, it’s always that much more fun to make something from nothing. So this project allows you to do just that – make your DIY roman shades from your best fabric.

You will need your favorite fabric, rope, plastic rings, and a dowel to put together your roman shades. This project is more involved than just using mini blinds, but it’s much more rewarding as well. So get ready to craft and have fun!…

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