Want to decorate your table for a special occasion or as a decor vignette? Here are 20 creative DIY centerpieces that will set you on track.

While table centerpieces are usually decorated for special occasions such as weddings, Thanksgiving, or parties, we have a strong opinion about using them for everyday home decor. The reasoning is simple – they make any table look fantastic. And what better way to make an empty coffee table look better and liven up the living room than a well done rustic centerpiece with flowers?

There are many more ways to make your DIY centerpiece so we went ahead and made a list of the best craft projects we could find. Here are several of our favorite ideas that will make a huge difference in your home decor if you choose to make some of them yourself.

Wine Bottle Succulent DIY Centerpiece

There’s nothing better than whimsical decor and unique accents. If you’re looking for a centerpiece that will stand out and make a great conversation piece, how about making a wine bottle succulent centerpiece. It’s the perfect project to reuse glass bottles that you may have around.

There’s not much to this project other than cutting a glass bottle and planting succulents. But if you don’t know how to cut glass, you can get a wine bottle planter on Etsy.

Sand Vase DIY Centerpieces

Creating your centerpiece from fun vases is a great way to decorate a table. But painting the vases isn’t a unique project. Filling them with colored sand, on the other hand, is one of the most creative projects you can do. It’s very simple too – all you have to do is get a few glass vases (bottles will work also) and some colored sand in the nearest crafts shop.…

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