For those who love fashion and are comfortable negotiating the often tough ways of fashion, everything to do with it may seem simple but for the rest of us it can be a bit scary. While we all think party girl sequin dress outfits are great fun to wear, we often stay away because we are not too sure about what works and what doesn’t. We all want to know more about cute, clingy, and sizzling club dresses that click, but we are afraid to ask lest we be mocked about it. That is why we need to know not only about the latest trends in footwear and fashion but also know about the mistakes to be avoided.

showing too much

Exposing too much skin: There is tasteful and attractive exposure of your lovely curves and there is overdoing it and ending up looking trashy. And let us admit it, not all of us can pull of wearing skimpy clothing and we should know when to stop.

muffin tops

Letting that muffin top hang out: It is not as if we are saying that having a muffin top is bad, but that letting it hang out in a bad way is a mistake that you should stay away from.

Being stuck in past

Being stuck in a time loop: Some of us tend to go with the look we were comfortable with several years or even decades ago and this can make you look older than you are not to mention odder.

improper fit

Improper fit: Ill fitting clothes, whether too tight or too loose can make you look cheap in the first instance and clumsy in the second. Do ensure that your clothing fits you right.

poor choice of material

Bad choice of material: There are certain materials that you need to be vary off like shiny polyester or heavy satin in certain types of weather or with certain types of attire.

bling overload

Overloading the bling: Bling is really good and can add to your outfit as long as you do not feel obliged to load up the bling to such an extent that it overpowers the beauty of your outfit.

getting too creative with tights

Becoming too adventurous with tights: Tights can be used to create many cute and attractive looks but we would feel that it is good to be a bit cautionary when it comes to experimenting too much with tights.

fake tan

Faking tan over much: Tanning products are supposed to add an attractive glow to your looks and you should be very particular in not overdoing this in order to not look odd and too tanned.

undermining the underwear

Undermining the underwear: The right underwear is the foundation for your clothing and by picking out the wrong ones, you are likely to spoil the overall look of your attire.

stale makeup

Stale makeup: Some people feel that it is okay to go to sleep with makeup on and then get up the next morning and stepping out after a few touch ups. But not only is this bad for your skin, it also looks awful.

overdoing office wear

Over doing office wear: Formal wear or office wear is something that follows a certain set of norms and trying to go beyond these norms may result in a fashion disaster that looks awful and can be uncomfortable too.

pointy shoes

Pointy pointy shoes: Pointy shoes were all the rage in the fashion world some time ago but not any more. If you are continuing to wear these shoes, then we feel that you should stop post haste and avoid them like the plague.

dirty footwear

Dirty footwear: There is nothing that shouts out fashion disaster than dirty footwear as it shows that you just do not care.

tracksuits with words

Tracksuits with words on them: Some tracksuits come with words like juicy or equivalent words printed on the chest or bum are and wearing this we would say does count as a fashion disaster.

overmatching logos of brands

Over matching the logo of brands: We know you like your brands, but carrying accessories and wearing clothing that all fall under the same brand logo can be a mistake because you look like you are trying too hard.

fashion overkill

Fashion overkill: We are all for experimenting with fashion but don’t do it unless you are absolutely sure they work.

badly maintained clothing

Badly maintained clothing or accessories: Clothing with seams coming off, buttons missing, or accessories that look worn out, can present a sad and sorry picture in terms of being fashionable and well dressed.

black and brown

Mixing brown with black: Brown and black do not work well and in spite of what people say about being adventurous, you should stay away from this combination.

being overconfident

Going overboard with the confidence: Some outfits look good on younger people in spite of being bizarre and if you are going to experiment, do ensure that you are doing it sensibly.

beach make up

Being over made up on the beach: The beach is a place for you to look good but not with elaborate makeup on. A little bit of foundation, gloss will do as the blush will come naturally due to the sun and the sea.

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