We hear people go on and on about how Christmas and the festive season has become so crass and commercial but the fact remains that there is something special about this season. The season brings a lot of anticipation in terms of the way we decorate our homes and place of work, the way we dress, the kind of food and drinks that we get to have, and the kind of gifts that we give and receive. In this article, we will look at some gift ideas for your friends and family that will add to the charm of the festive season. Alongside gifts ideas for your friends and family, you will also need to have a list of what to say in a thank you card so that you are gracious in thanking people for the lovely gifts that you will get. However, we take on a lot of pressure on ourselves about the kind of gifts that we can give family and friends. You want to ensure that you give them something special and memorable but you also want to stay within your means.

What this means, is that you need to think a lot around the kind of gifts that you can give to friends and family. It has to be special but not beyond your means. By going overboard and spending beyond our means, we may be committing one of the mistakes we commit with regard to love. And sometimes more than the gift, the way you present it and the words that go with it could make a big difference. Which is why you will need to read up on short romantic love quotes to bedazzle the love of your life so that you make them feel special.

While we feel that a gift is something personal, we give you a list of some gift suggestions that you may find useful:

An app enabled droid, which is perfect for your teenaged kid.

A premium iPhone case – Lucidream eXo skeleton for the gadget loving family member.

Lumenplay app enabled lights for the homemaker.

The awesome Swiss knife with many addons for the adventurous ones.

A laptop skin to protect your device and make it look great for those who love their devices.

A nice workout set that will bring out the fitness streak in you.

A finder app that will help you keep track of things that you are prone to misplacing.

Guitar shaped drink stirrers for those music lovers who like a drink.

We love Matryoshka dolls so why not robots?.



Instant mini camera.

Remote control helicopter for the child in you.

A vintage medic bag just for the fun of it.

Infinite dungeon corridor to take you on a magical journey.

A stunt kite to fly high.

Fitbit band so that you know how fit you are.

Hoodie pillow headed pillowcase for those who like the feel of it.


Magic on/off coffee mug for all those hot beverage lovers.

French press tea and coffee espresso maker.


Airplane controlled by smartphone.

Celestron power seeker telescope

Here is how you can ensure that you give the right Christmas gift to your friend and family:

Determine what they like: This is probably the hardest part but you will realize that it is time well spent. One of the ways to find out what a person likes is by observing how they react when they get a particular gift or even their reaction to the gifts that others get. You will of course, will have to match the list of gift preferences a person has with the budget you have for them to ensure that you do not end up running out of money.

Source it well in advance: One of the main traps that we fall into when it comes to gift shopping is leaving it too late and then spending a lot of time agonizing about on time delivery, extra charges, etc. Take the time to source the gift you want to buy well in advance and buy it when there are discount offers on it to avoid all the last minute running around and agonizing.

Wrap it special: The way you present the gift is also as important as the actual gift itself. To ensure that the receiver of the gift feels special, it would be a good idea to personally giftwrap the gift yourself. Even if the way you wrap the gift is not as slick as the ones that will be professional gift wrapped, it will still make the receiver of the gift feel good.

Words mean a lot: Ensure that you add a few personal words that convey a message of love and understanding towards the receiver of the gift so that they know what you feel for them. We feel that expressing what you feel in your heart is very important instead of feeling conscious of wearing your heart on your sleeve. It is the festive season and this means that you express what you feel without reservations.

Add a lot of small cute gifts: Alongside an expensive and special gift, do make up a package of small cute gifts that will make the receiver feel good. For instance, you can buy them things of practical use like socks, soaps, lotions, special teas, candies, etc. as per their tastes to make them feel special all the way through.

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