Looking for the best rustic kitchen cabinets? Here are some of the most beautiful and creative ideas that will help you revamp your kitchen.

If you find modern kitchen designs boring you need to go for a different style. Farmhouse and rustic have been all the rage in these past years. It’s not because these trends offer a certain look (which they do) but because there’s a whole philosophy behind them. Rustic is all about creating a cozy close-to-earth look. Often it also means being eco-weary and reusing materials.

Since the best way to revamp your kitchen is changing the cabinets, that where you can start implementing the rustic look. There are many ways to get rustic kitchen cabinets, from buying them, to building them yourself. Sometimes a new coat of paint is all it takes.

So check out our selection of the most original rustic kitchen cabinets and get inspired for a new makeover.

Custom Barnwood Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are custom made from barn wood and feature the ultimate rustic farmhouse style. The hardwood floors and wood planked walls make a complete rustic wooden decor.

While this all-in wood decor is not for everyone, it works well in cabin decor like this. If you’re looking just for kitchen cabinets, this idea for using barn wood will work well if you want a rustic accent.

Solid Wood Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood always works perfectly in rustic decor. In this case, the hardwood floors and accent ceiling wood beams are complemented with solid wood kitchen cabinets in a natural stain.

This kind of cabinet design can be used even in modern kitchen design. Wood as a material can be used together with neutral colors to get a warm decor accent.

Green Weathered Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Weathered green paint look comes alive in this rustic kitchen.…

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