Christmas has inspired a lot of things including festivities, the spirit of giving and sharing, styles of dressing, different kinds of food, decorations as well as music and movies. This article is going to be focus on songs and movies that are inspired by Christmas. We are sure that you know that each occasion can inspire music and songs like father daughter wedding songs for dance for instance, so why not Christmas based songs. Or popular mother son wedding songs to dance on, the list can go on about movies, festivities and songs around many themes.

Best Christmas Songs And Movies

The fact is that like Christmas, other occasions for celebration like Halloween also inspire a lot of things like Halloween costume ideas featuring Dr. Who and more. However, we think we are digressing and we should get back to the topic of Christmas based songs and movies. Before we proceed with our list, we should add that this list is based on our choice and there is a chance that you could have a different list of best Christmas songs and movies.

Good King Wenceslas — Love Actually: Hugh Grant, the prime minister who is supposed to have the honey throat and his reaction to being called that and the little girls dancing to the song is something that will stay in our minds.

The Instrument Song — You’ve Got Mail: This movie may seem outdated and weird given all the means that we have today to communicate with each other but the love triangle in the movie is eternal. Dated or not, the premise of the movie and this song will move us always.



Make It Home — My So-Called Life: This teen cult classic that was short lived and especially this episode will leave you moved emotionally.

Santa’s Super Sleigh — About A Boy: Yes, Hugh Grant again but not as the prime minister, but as a Scrooge like character who lives off the Christmas pop’s royalties from his father’s work.

Jingle Bell Rock — Mean Girls: The girls are cute and manage to make something that would have looked slutty look celebratory.

Holy Night — The West Wing: Though many of us may not be fans of the Whiffenpoofs, the rendition of this song is an emotional and highly touching one that you cannot dislike at all.

Holy Night — South Park: Though this is the absolutely opposite of the version stated above, it is nevertheless very memorable and touching.

Hard Candy Christmas — Best Little Whorehouse In Texas: This one is so over the top and messy, the song is nevertheless a good representation of the Christmas spirit.

I Wish It Was Christmas Today — Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: This one took the SNL joke and made it into a Christmas classic. The performance of Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz and Julian Casablancas makes it a great song.

Baby It’s Cold Outside — Elf: Though the context and subtext of this song has a lot of awkward implications, we are going to concentrate on the singer’s voice and how she made it work.

Tis The Season — A Muppet Christmas Carol: We are sure that you may think that there could be other slick songs we could have picked from this series, we like this one because it has Kermit dancing on the streets.

Christmas Is All Around — Love Actually: This song had to make this list because it is just something that we do not want to exclude.

Adeste Fidelis — Joyeux Noel: Though we have tried to stay away from the religious versions of the Christmas songs, this one seems to have found its place in the list nevertheless.

Christmastime Is Here — A Charlie Brown Christmas: It is a haunting and memorable song that manages to touch you even though it is part of an animated series.

Put A Little Love In Your Heart — Scrooged: We can argue that this is not a Christmas song but it is, just look at it closely and you will see what we mean.

Auld Lang Syne — It’s A Wonderful Life: This song will ensure that you lose any cynicism you have about anything leave alone the festivities.

White Christmas — Holiday Inn: Though there may be many lavish numbers of this, we like the small and intimate version that is shown in this movie.

All I Want For Christmas — Love Actually: Thought it may seem a bit much to add another song from the same movie, just check out the song before you judge us.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas — Meet Me In St. Louis: We had to include this one because it is so touching and sentimental.

I Saw The Light — Orange Is The New Black: This one earned its place in the list because it is so whacky but touching at the same time.

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