DIY Outdoor Planter Ideas

1. A Strawberry Pyramid Planter

 A Strawberry Pyramid Planter

Love the idea of home-grown strawberries? But a traditional strawberry patch could take up a lot of room. So, try this awesome pyramid planter and grow strawberries in only a fraction of the space in your backyard. It is super easy to make this pyramid using minimal supplies and won’t cost you a fortune. Check out the project here: theownerbuildernetwork

2. DIY Pallet Planter Box

 DIY Pallet Planter Box

Go get your hammer, saw and nails to make these lovely planter boxes. Any colorful and lively plant will thrive throughout its season in this amazing container fashioned simply from pallet wood. See our step-by-step instructions for creating this one of the best outdoor planter ideas here: livelaughrowe

3. Pallet Planter for Butterflies

 Pallet Planter for Butterflies

Do you admire butterflies flitting and fluttering around your lovely flower garden? Well, then you need to attract them with this gorgeous and appealing planter pallet specifically made for transforming your garden into a living, enchanted space. See how to make this here: aproverbs31wife

4. Fabulous Cedar Pallet Planter

Fabulous Cedar Pallet Planter

Combine succulents and pallets together and boost the appealing factor of your yard. With minimal DIY tools and cedar wood pickets, you can create an amazing outdoor planter for your colorful flowers to create an object of stately attraction in your traditional garden. Look here: momspark

5. Attractive Pallet Planter Box

Attractive Pallet Planter Box

Why not upcycle something that would have otherwise gone to the landfill? Get your usable pallet woods and create a gorgeous container for housing two large pots together in an interesting manner. This lovely planter will inspire all the DIY-lovers. Get easy-to-follow instructions here: instructables

6. DIY Garden Planter for Birds

 DIY Garden Planter for Birds

Create this remarkable bird feeder or birdbath of your own and add a noticeable element in your garden. This is the most colorful idea for getting chirping birds in your flowery garden whilst also watching them feed, bath and enjoy. See here:


7. Vintage Wooden Outdoor Planter

 Vintage Wooden Outdoor Planter

Turn your garage upside down and you would definitely find a vintage wooden crate lying there uselessly. Get this crate out and turn it into a striking outdoor planter for your incredibly and vibrantly colored sweet flowers. This tutorial here will let you transform a run-of-the-mill crate into a classy planter: gardeningprof

8. Concrete Cinder Blocks for Plants

 Concrete Cinder Blocks for Plants

Symmetrical, strong and distinctly beautiful, these concrete cinder blocks are undoubtedly one of the best outdoor planter ideas in the list. They are long-lasting and also look unique in your patio, backyard or garden. Learn how to make these blocks here: lighthouseshoppe

9. Well-designed Container for Mini-Garden

Well-designed Container for Mini-Garden

This amazing container gardening idea is the best way to take the pleasure of colorful flowers all year round. Get beautiful pots and decorate your porches and patios with interesting planting ideas. Any item in your household that has sides is perfect for this planting container idea. See here: owecraft

10. Cute Little Boots Vegetable Garden

 Cute Little Boots Vegetable Garden

Have you stopped wearing your rain boots and they are occupying unnecessary space in your shoe rack? Get all such boots together and use your DIY tools to transform them into a hanging vegetable garden to enjoy home grown vegetables and greenery. This is how to make it: rosinahuber

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