The weather outside may be frightful, but it’s easy to keep your home or office delightfully warm with these affordable space heaters.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP01 Purifying Heater + Fan

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier heater fan has triple functionality. It purifies all year round, quickly heats the whole room in winter and keeps you cool as a fan in summer. As a purifier, its HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns from your home. A second, active carbon layer in the filter also helps capture odors and potentially harmful toxins such as paint fumes. The machine is certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly and awarded the Quietmark accreditation. It purifies intelligently – automatically monitoring and reacting, and then reports your air quality information to the Dyson link app so you can remotely control your environment anywhere, anytime (– standard data and messaging rates may apply.). Whether in heating mode or cooling fan mode, jet focus control projects either a powerful stream of focused air or diffused mode for wide air projection. The machine also features a sleep timer, night-time mode, auto mode, and is easy to clean. No fast-spinning blades it’s safe for little fingers or paws. Photo Courtesy of Dyson

Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

This low wattage mini space heater is ideal for use under the desk to keep your feet and legs warm. At 6 inches tall with a 4″ x 4″ footprint, this cute, small electric heater takes up minimal desktop space and is intended to heat up your immediate space at home or the office. Best of all, because it’s low wattage, it won’t keep tripping the office circuit breaker every time you turn it on.

LIECHO Personal Space Heater

The mini heater is made for those chilly days in your room or at the office. The compact size provides effective, consistent warmth for small rooms. With a simple adjustable thermostat, this space heater will keep your room’s temperature at the most optimal level while reducing your power consumption. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Vornado Vortex Heater

Specially tuned airflow called “Vortex Action” circulates warm, gentle heat throughout an entire room. This efficient heater comes with auto climate control to automatically adjust and maintain a balanced room temperature. Plus, safety features like a cool-touch case, tip-over protection and automatic safety shut-off system for worry-free use. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Minka Aire Tower Ceramic Heater

This heater offers an inexpensive, energy-efficient way of keeping comfortable and warm wherever you go. Using durable ceramic heating elements, the Tower Ceramic Heater Fan enables users to safely produce warm air for bedrooms, living areas or offices as its oscillating function spreads wide range heating throughout the space. Features an adjustable thermostat and tip over protection for added safety. Photo Courtesy of Lumens

Stadler Form Max Heater and Fan

Your best friend year-round. The Stadler Form Max Fan/Heater operates as a whisper-quiet table fan in the summer and toasty heater during the winter. The fan has three speeds while the space heater function has an infinitely adjustable thermostat over high/low heat settings. A fun piece of decor that will solve all your temperature needs.

Vornado VH200 Whole Room Vortex Heater

This whole room heater is an effective way to cut energy costs this winter. This whole room heater features 3 heat settings (750-Watt, 1125-Watt, 1500-Watt) to allow you to tailor heat output and energy consumption. Vortex heat circulation then distributes the warm air throughout the room with a steady current of that envelops the room in comfortable warmth. It is whisper-quiet, and employs advanced safety features to provide worry-free use. Photo Courtesy of Home Depot

Lasko Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower, 42 inch

The Lasko FH500 is an innovative hybrid tower that is both fan AND heater. It’s designed to provide year round home comfort and can be used in the bedroom, living room, basement, kitchen, garage, home office, dorm or anywhere else in the house relief is needed. Powered by a 3-speed 1500 watt ceramic heater and 4 quiet fan speeds, this dual purpose product not only heats up a room fast to keep you warm & toasty on cold winter days & nights, but also creates excellent air circulation to help you beat the heat when it’s hot & humid outdoors. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Lasko Portable Space Heater

This compact space heater from Lasko brings 1500 watts of comforting warmth to your room. A classic design in black with easy to use manual controls and built-in safety features, plus adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Stadler Form Paul Heater and Fan

Paul by Stadler Form is a quiet and attentive fan that can heat and cool. Thanks to the Adaptive Heat™ technology, it keeps the temperature steady in auto mode without turning on and off and spreads the hot or cold air evenly in the room using the rotating function. Photo Courtesy of Connox

BAYKA Portable Space Heater

An easy to use space heater with 70° Oscillation and multiple safety features. This ceramic heater can heat up rapidly in 3 seconds and has a long service life. Although it’s a small size heater, the amount of heat it emits is the same as that of a larger heater. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

OPOLAR Small Room Heater

Compact, powerful, and ready to be used anytime. The electric room heater is an ETL approved, energy efficient room heater that not only saves electricity but also comes with an adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Honeywell 360 Surround Indoor Heater

Think energy savings, excellent safety features and the ability to control your comfort all at a reasonable price. Designed to provide all-around warmth, this 360-degree portable heater is perfect for small to mid-sized rooms and offers superior all-around room heating. Photo Courtesy of Target

Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater – Large

Slim and elegant, this small heating wonder is equipped with a modern PTC-ceramic heat element. Therefore Anna guarantees warmer rooms faster because of her two power levels – and all this unobtrusively and quietly. Photo courtesy of Target

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater

This 1500W Mini Ceramic Heater utilizes industry leading ceramic heating discs for ultra-warm heat transfer in small spaces. At the flick of switch, the ceramic fan heater will produce a stream of warm air to quickly and effectively heat the area in front of the heater. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Lasko Ceramic Pedestal Tower

Turn up the heat during those chilly days and icy nights with this Black Ceramic Pedestal Tower Indoor Heater from Lasko. The digital display is clear and allows you to view the thermostatic readout easily. Photo Courtesy of Target

Brightown Personal Ceramic Mini-Heater

Chase the winter blues away with this happy little orange heater. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Personal Heater

This compact heater is a 250 watt energy efficient solution that provides just the right amount of heat for you. Specially designed for personal warmth, it’s perfect for use at home, school or office. Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater – Small

This wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna heats discreetly and quietly with two power levels. The clever heater also stands for safety in two respects: no overheating and automatic shut-off. Photo Courtesy of Connox

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