There’s nothing like warm-weather entertaining and with summer just (nearly) around the corner, it’s pretty much all we can think about. A new season means a much-needed refresh and that goes for your party gear as well! Before you get to sending out the invites, take a peek at a few essentials no party should be without.
1. Versatile napkins that can work for both brunch and dinner, as well as indoors and outdoors. And with that, sleek napkin rings to lend a metallic element to your best linens.

2. Flatware you’ll want to bring out for every occasion regardless of how special it is, or not.

3. Candlesticks to provide the dinner table with ample lighting and an additional touch of glam. But for the more casual table, may we suggest free-standing candles for a more pared down look.

4. Something to cover the table with – either a tablecloth or a runner will do.

5. Serving utensils for varied dishes and occasions. Be it for salads, the outdoor brunch, or an elegant dinner party.

6. Invest in serving bowls and platters with serious character.

7. A sleek napkin holder you’ll actually want to set on the table.

8. Salt and pepper shakers that aren’t messing around. 

9. Cocktail napkins (bonus points if they’re the cheeky variety) and coasters to keep the coffee table water ring-free.

Going bare? A table as stunning and natural as this needs no cover.

10. A new set of plates to give your go-to set a well deserved break.

11. A vase to house fresh flowers from the farmers’ market. 

12. A versatile cutting board that can also double as a serving tray for appetizers or cheese. 

13. Background music to create a relaxing and laid-back ambience. This bright green, mod speaker will do.

14. A curated bar cart or tray is essential for a good evening, with spirits flowing freely. 

15. Invest in proper barware, this should go without saying. A copper shaker to match your new pineapple shot glasses (how can you resist!).

16. Drink rocks, because ice cubes are so 2016.

17. A glass to pour the wine into. Short, tall, stemmed, we’ll let you decide. 

18. An ice bucket or wine chiller to keep your favorite bottle of white chilled to perfection.

Happy entertaining!