Pastel+natural shine

This simple nail design looks good with everything.

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Flowers are cute in every colour combination. They’re super pretty.

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Shiny and matte combination

Although they are more common during fall, they look cool in summer too. This nail design can be a bit edgy but it looks amazing with a tan and some cool swimwear.

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Shiny pastels

You can never go wrong with the classic pastel nails. Everybody loves them and they look good with every outfit.

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Bold combinations

You can spice up your pastel nails with some fancy detailed design, as you can see in the picture above.

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Colorful combinations

These beautiful nails reminds us of a galaxy. Super unique and truly gorgeous.

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Long matte nails

Long pastel nails with ombré details, finished with a matte top coat.

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Pink and flowery

Some simple artwork can really spice up your usual pink nails.

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Flowers and earthy tones

Unusual color combinations, flowers and unique shapes – very charming.

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Nowadays minimalistic designs are popular in many industries. Nail design is no exception. No wonder, it looks stunning!

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Super shiny bold colors

Shiny or matte, or the combination of the two, simple or decorated – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you have to choose the boldest colors avalible.

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Light colors with gold details

Gold goes with everything but it looks especially splendid with dark outfits.

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Clear or nude with pastel details

Sometimes less is more. Nude nails with pastel details are really lovely.

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Bold colors and shapes

Just as the pastel details, bold colored details look stunning on nude nails too. Bright yellow or green compliment clear nails like nothing!

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Brown nails

Especially if you are pale, brown nails can complement your light skin tone and create a clean and delicate look.

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Dots and speckles

In 2020 everybody went crazy for this dotted nail design. This year we came to a conclusion that it looks best when the color combination is kept minimalistic. So we advise you to go for whites and nudes.

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Swirly nails

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to get these swirly nails. In 2021 you can wear them every day.

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Bold colors and unique patterns

Look at this honeycomb pattern and the unique color combination! These nails would spice up any outfit.

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