Here are 18 new short hairstyles for girls, from Short-Haircut: 

We all know that you not only would like to look cute, but also focus on boys’ attention and acknowledgement from your mates. Not a problem, we are sure you’ll easily have both.

The only thing to make note of when you are developing your individual style, it’s always ranked the highest. Try also to go for something that really flatters your physical beauty. If you are into extremes, note that most educational institutions have regulations on the looks for students. Sometimes something that seems ravishing for you is rather shocking in public opinion.

And, undoubtedly, in your age your hairstyle mustn’t be high-maintenance. With school and other activities you need to be continuously on the move. So better decide on a flattering short hairstyle that you can easily style at home with a comb, blow-dryer and a minimum of styling products.

Furthermore, shop around or do yourself some cute hair accessories to customize your style. Below you will see a gallery of easy short hairstyles for school girls –  some vivid and low-maintenance solutions you can embrace or draw inspiration from to create your own fun and eye-catching looks.

1-Short Hairstyle for Girls

Short Hairstyle for Girls

2-Braided Hair

Braided Hair

3-Cute Hair

Cute Hair

4-Undercut Hair

Undercut Hair, Short Wavy Undercut Side

5-Braided Bob

Braided Bob

6- Toddler

Short Girls Kids Girl

7- Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

8- Pixie

Short Pixie

9- Short Bob With Bangs

Short Bob Bangs Teen


Short Hairstyle for Girls

11- Knot Bun

Knot Bun

12- Pixie

Short Pixie

13- Short Bob With Bangs

Bob Short

14- Asymmetrical Bob

Bob Asymmetrical Short

15- Messy Platinum Blonde Bob

Bob Blonde


Short Hairstyle for Girls

17- Wavy Choppy Bob

Bob Choppy Wavy Simple

18- Purple Pixie

Purple Pixie

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