Emily Henderson Affordable Pillow Combos Under 100 Pic 6

Emily Henderson Affordable Pillow Combos Under 100 Pic 6
Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

Ask anyone that doesn’t know the first thing about the job of an interior designer and they might say, they “fluff pillows” and “pick out fabrics”. And while they aren’t entirely wrong there is a lot more that goes into pulling together a room than just those two things, but the fluffing pillows part can be pretty tricky at times. Selecting the right pillows is more than just grabbing a few that look good together and calling it a day. You have to consider scale, style, pattern, texture, and size just to name a few. We have pulled together quite a few pillow combo roundups before on the blog (including our first one which walks you through our tried and tested rules for pillow styling), but we haven’t ever done it on a budget.

Emily Henderson Affordable Pillow Combos Under 100 Pic 2
Photo by Sara Tramp for EHD

And, while we love a beautiful $300 throw pillow, we also realize that might not be practical for everyone’s budget or sofa. So today we got budget friendly with this roundup and pulled together 18 guaranteed to look good pillow combos that all come in at under $100 for the entire combo (although some will need inserts – which you can use from your old pillows if they are the right size, or buy them online). Whether you are neutral, boho, eclectic, traditional or anything in between there is a pillow combo below that can work for you. Happy “fluffing” everyone.

Emily Henderson Affordable Pillow Combos Roundup1

1. Beige and Coffee Burlap Linen / Cream Kilim / Faux Leather / Triangle Lattice | 2. Blue Global Stitched / Light Grey Linen / Blue Tassel Lumbar | 3. Natural Fringed Linen / Pink TuftedAsha Embroidered Lumbar | 4. Dusky Green Tassel / Dream / Rust Lumbar | 5. Black Spot / Copper Linen / Sesame Velvet / Oversized Ivory Mongolian Faux Fur Lumbar | 6. Gold Round Velvet / Ivory Knit / Pink Striped Kilim | 7. Orange VelvetWoven Jacquard / Cosmo / Teal Round Velvet | 8. T-Pillow / Dark Grey Stripped / Are Rust / Pata | 9. Taupe Linen / Marquette Reversible PrintedCream Paisley Oversize Lumbar | 10. Plush Camel / Brown Mud ClothMoroccan Tassel Fringe Lumbar | 11. Lion Yellow Velvet / Rust Brown Patterned / Pink Cotton Canvas / Rust Lumbar | 12. Dark Blue Velvet / Blue Block Print / White Faux Fur Lumbar | 13. Dark Grey DottedIvy Fringe Striped / Grey Jute | 14. Peacock / Floral / Braided | 15. Taupe Scalloped / Ullkaktus / Green Velvet FringeJadeite Velvet Bolster | 16. Grey Striped / Linen Trimmed / French Knot | 17. Grey Solid / Black Striped / Embroidered Belgian Linen Lumbar | 18. White Pom Pom Trim / Navy TasselsOrange Diamond Skinny Lumbar

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

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