Pallet art is the easiest way to add rustic accents to your home decor. Here are 18 creative ideas that will show you how to do it exactly.

Creating something out of old pallets is a great home décor trend that is gaining its popularity: shelves, bed frames, benches, key holders, clocks, pictures, couches, coffee tables… it’s not even a half of the list.

Why have wood pallets become such a fashionable material? – They’re rustic and versatile, and moreover, you can find them for free!

Pallet crafts are ideal to welcome your guests on the front porch, invest in your lovely kitchen décor, make the living room more stylish, and the bedroom cozier. As for beautiful pallet art pictures, they’ll fit in any home style, making it warm and cheerful.

Do you want to drown in beautiful DIY pallet art inspiration? Just scroll down our gallery of incredibly creative ideas:

Animal Double Pallet Art

If you’re looking for something really special and outstanding to make your dwelling beautiful and charming, consider decorating the walls with stunning pallet wood wall art. All you need to create such excellent double pallets is to join some pallet woods, make an image of any animal (whales, or a mama bear with its cub, for example), and carve its shape. Then color another pallet the way you like and layer them.

Thanksgiving Pallet Art Ideas

How about such cozy fall pallet art resolutions for the Thanksgiving day? You can use this great pieces of art to decorate your yard, patio, and house, or as a creative and unique Thanksgiving gift for the ones you love.

World Map Pallet Wall Décor

Even if you’re not really into geography, such world map pallet wall décor will be a fantastic spice-up for your home or office. Also, it’s a good idea for desperate travelers and globetrotters.…

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