A very common thing in every home, wall clocks are almost like a vintage addition to your home décor.

Wall clocks go back to a very long time back in the past. There is something about wall clocks which is irreplaceable and with time wall clocks will only make significant technological progress and adaptations.

Not only is it useful to keep track of time and follow up with your schedule, but the right looking wall clock can also take your home décor to a whole new level. Visitors would appreciate the design and also it would give you a sense of vintage vibe in the house.

With time, there have been various modifications in wall clocks, but the basic one still stands as a heritage and purchased by many across the globe!

Here is a list of the best modern wall clocks for home you should check out.

Best Wall Clocks for Your Home

1. Sigel Artetempus Design Wall Clock

Sigel Artetempus Design Wall Clock, Inu Model, Lemon green…

  • Clock features quiet top-quality quartz movement, comes with…
  • Back of clock Designed with a keyhole cut-out for secure,…
  • Features glass-free 3D square front

      • Stylish and very modern looking wall clock which looks elegant on the wall
      • The front glass is very high quality, and thus worth the price
      • The design of the clock is such that the delicate hands of the clock go very well with the matter frame and front polish surface
      • Comes with a five-year guarantee
      • Has the feature of top quality quartz movement, which is also very quiet

2. Arospa Contemporary Interior Design Minimalist Palette 12” Sweep Wall Clock


Arospa Contemporary Interior Design Minimalist Palette 12”…

  • Contemporary wall clock with a Scandinavian Minimalist twist…
  • Resilient tough white gloss frame & clock hands designed for…
  • Non-ticking sweep hands included to ensure silence &…
  • Safe & easy to mount nail slot available on the back

      • It has five colors to choose from, according to the decor of your house
      • The clock is designed with a Scandinavian twist feature and is the best as a part of your interior
      • The sweeping hands are non-ticking, hence does not make the typical wall clock sounds
      • It comes with a nail slot at the back and could be mounted easily
      • This 12-inch diameter clock is made with very good technology and is perfect for your house

3.  Howard Miller 625-611 Lorain Wall Clock

Howard Miller 625-611 Lorain Wall Clock

  • A 24″ square wrought iron wall clock with applied Roman…
  • Straight, tapered hands are in a charcoal finish.
  • Quartz, battery-operated movement requires 1 AA sized…
  • Width 24″ (61 cm)

      • A very chic looking wall clock with wrought iron details, this clock has Roman numerals and markings
      • The clock has a very distressed and machine look, owing to the steel finish and the grind marks
      • It has tapered hands which has a charcoal color and finish and looks very elegant and rustic at the same time
      • Is built with superior quality raw materials and inspected
      • The clock comes with a warranty when purchased from authorized dealers

 4. Vitra Men’s George Nelson Ball Clock

Vitra: George Nelson Ball Clock, Multicolored, One Size

  • Captures the spirit of emerging modernism in 1947
  • Stylish and fun alternative to conventional timepieces
  • Constructed of beech wood with acrylic lacquer and metal
  • High-quality quartz clockworks; 1.5v (AA) battery is…

      • This wall clock is a replica of the ball wall clock originally designed by George Nelson
      • It is more of a historical tribute of the modernism and culture of 1947 and looks stunning on the wall
      • The clock has wooden spheres on brass rods, and these are the markings of the clock
      • A very traditional yet fun and modern option for a wall clock
      • It comes with a 1-year warranty

5.  Karlsson Modern Wall Clock – Dragonfly

Modern Wall Clock – Dragonfly – Unique & Contemporary Wall…

  • Karlsson Wall Clocks are a perfect home and wall décor…
  • Wall Hanging Clocks: easy to install with the provided…
  • Great for your Living Room, Kitchen, Office, Guest Bedroom…
  • Simple yet modern design are the hallmark of the renowned…

      • A statement and stylish wall clock for your home, this is classy and looks very modern in your home decor
      • It is extremely easy to install following the guidelines which are provided
      • The quality of the clock is top notch for the price it comes in
      • It comes in classy black color
      • Being a brand name, the clock is meant to be of good quality

6. Present Time Karlsson Wall Clock Mr. White Numbers Steel Polished

Present Time Karlsson Wall Clock Mr. White Numbers Steel…

  • Simplistic design
  • White face and numbers
  • Polished steel trim
  • Measures 20-Inch in diameter

      • The clock is very classy looking and comes in white color
      • The minimalistic concept and design of the clock make it so attractive and stylish
      • The clock is made out of steel and is very elegantly polished
      • It comes in two sizes, 15-inch, and 20-inch diameter
      • It runs on a 1 AA battery which is not included with the clock

7. Howard Miller Ball Clock II 42″ Modern Wall Clock

Ball Clock II 42″ Modern Wall Clock

  • This 42″ diameter oversized retro gallery wall clock is an…
  • The center is finished in brushed nickel and is surrounded…
  • Black satin-finished hour and minute hands.
  • Quartz, battery-operated movement requires one AA sized…
      • Retro yet extremely fun, this wall clock would be the best decision for your home, it is the same design as that of the ball clock designed by George Nelson in 1940s
      • The center part of the clock is made out of nickel and has 12 balls on nickel rods
      • The color of the clock is the most eye-catching and comes in metallic black color
      • The diameter of the clock is 42 inches and is quite significant
      • The clock comes with an inspected warranty when bought from authorized dealers and is of excellent quality

8. DecorShore 22.5″ Silver, Handmade Glass Mosaic Wall Clock

22.5″ Silver, Handmade Glass Mosaic Wall Clock, Quiet Motion…

  • Shimmering Glass Mosaic Clock is a True Statement Piece -…
  • Handmade by Skilled Artisans – read the full product…
  • 22.5″ Intricate Glass Mosaic Clock Frame Surrounds 12″ Round…
  • Frame is constructed of Durable Cast Iron and mechanical…
      • One of the most beautiful looking wall clocks, this is indeed a masterpiece
      • The handmade clocks come in three different color combinations, and all of them look equally gorgeous
      • The clock in itself has 1,000 glass mosaic tiles and shimmers
      • It is very silent and does not have the irritating ticking noise, characteristic of a wall clock
      • It is the perfect example of a decorative item to stylize your room and be equally functional
      • The frame of the clock is made out of cast iron and is very sturdy
      • It runs on one AA battery which is not included and is very easy to assemble and hang

9. Ardeola Galaxy blue – Contemporary Stylish Wall Clock

      • A very dainty and pretty looking wall clock, this a great addition to your home decor
      • The clock is made out of wood and has two layers and twelve twisted arms which protrude out from the center
      • The entire designing and manufacturing of this wall clock are very intricate, and a lot of thought has been given to it
      • The diameter is approximately 29 cms
      • The clock makes no ticking sounds at all, and the clock hands are very silent
      • It is an extraordinary wall clock, so the processing time may be a little longer as it is made to order

10. Karlsson Modern Wall Clock – Unique & Contemporary Wall Clock

Karlsson Modern Wall Clock – Unique & Contemporary Wall…

  • Karlsson Wall Clocks are a perfect home and wall décor…
  • Wall Hanging Clocks: easy to install with the provided…
  • Simple yet modern design are the hallmark of the renowend…
  • This decorative wall clock measures 1.97 X 12.44 X 12.05
      • A very minimalistic and small wall clock, this is perfect for people who prefer simplicity with function
      • It looks quite modern and sleek, and it is very user-friendly and easy to install
      • The clock arms extend beyond the periphery of the clock
      • The clock is of a pretty small size, but it serves all the necessary functions
      • True to the name of the brand, this sure is a great buy!

11. Ardeola Medusa copper L – Copper and Gold Colored Large Size Contemporary Wooden Wall Clock

      • If you are looking for a big sized all decor which also serves the function of a wall clock, this is the product you need!
      • It also comes in three different sizes of L, XL, and XXL
      • It also comes in three different sizes of L, XL, and XXL
      • The clock is made out of laser cut woods with spikes and looks very elegant
      • The movement of the hands is again silent, and the spikes are made out of metal
      • A lovely clock to invest, this is the wall clock of your dreams!

12. Ardeola Fireworks II – Large Stylish Wooden Wall Clock, Sunburst Clock

      • Another wall clock which looks gorgeous on your wall and is made to order
      • It is the depiction of a firework squib which is exploding, and the spikes look very praise-worthy
      • The entire watch is made out of superior quality birch plywood
      • The clock is laser cut from wood and very intricately hand painted, giving it a rustic look
      • The movement of the clock hands is silent and non-ticking
      • The processing time to order and receive it is around a week

13.  Ardeola The Big Bang – Stylish Wooden Wall Clock

      • Extremely stylish looking, this wall clock is made to order and is the definition of quirky
      • The clock has spiked elements which are laser cut from birch plywood and painted gold, this gives it the elegant glow
      • The design is a depiction of an explosion, like that of the big bang
      • The clock has a silent and non-ticking movement and thus causes no disturbance
      • It runs on AA type 1.5V battery which needs to be bought separately
      • The diameter of the clock is 41cm and is very good as a wall décor too

14. Unek Goods Nextime Plug Inn Mod Wall Clock

Unek Goods Nextime Plug Inn Mod Wall Clock

  • Modern and timeless design suitable for any home or office
  • World famous design by Frits Vink
  • Measures 23″ in diameter
  • Requires 1 AA battery
      • The design of this clock is a replica of the original one designed by Frits Vink and is world famous
      • The clock looks very stylish and at the same time serves its purpose and is sustainable too
      • The ticking of the clock is silent and is perfect for your home or even work-space
      • The color of the clock is silver, and it looks very classy indeed
      • It runs on one AA battery and is made in the Netherlands

15. Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock


Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock, Stainless Steel

  • Steel ribbons mark the hours of this modern wall clock
  • Made of bent stainless steel; red hands make the time easy…
  • Quartz clock movement allowing for precise and…
  • Clock measures 12-Inch diameter x 2 1/4-Inch depth (30.5 cm…
      • This chic looking wall clock comes in three different colors and can add as a stylish element to your wall décor
      • The ribbon clock has steel ribbons on its periphery and marks the hours. It is made of stainless steel and hence is very durable too
      • It has a silent ticking system and causes no disturbance whatsoever
      • The clock is 1 AA battery run and needs to be purchased separately

16. Arospa Minimalist Design Contemporary Cream Palette Wall Clock


Arospa Minimalist Design Contemporary Cream Palette 9.5″…

  • Creamy neutral color palette perfect for minimalist decor
  • Non-ticking sweeping hand movements that ensure silence
  • Resilient contemporary Rose Gold finish frame
  • Easy & safe to mount nail slot located on the back of clock
      • Minimalistic yet very classy, this Scandinavian inspired clock is a dainty addition to your wall décor
      • The wall clock comes in three different shades to choose from
      • The diameter is 9.5 inches and is of reasonably medium size
      • The clock is non-ticking and silent
      • Very durable, yet classy looking, it is an investment worth making
      • It is pretty easy to mount with a nail on the wall

17. Foxtop Aluminum Wall Clock

Foxtop Aluminum Wall Clock, Silent Non-ticking Quartz…

  • Stylish Design: Colorful square grid dial design makes the…
  • Easy to Read: Aluminum wall clock with white Arabic numerals…
  • Silent Mechanism: Decorative wall clock with Precise Quartz…
  • Easy to Use: 1 hook included and wide slot in back for easy…
      • This is an amusing and playful looking clock and adds a pop of color to your room décor
      • For the price, the clock is very sturdy and has an aluminum frame and metallic hands
      • The ticking movements are seamless and silent
      • It is very easy to use and comes with a hook for hanging it on your desired wall
      • It runs on 1 AA carbon battery

These are some of the smart and elegant wall clocks that you could invest on for your home. They not only look good, but they also come in a wide range of prices according to your requirement and have the most updated functions one would expect of, from a wall clock.

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