best minimalist coffee tables

best minimalist coffee tables

Recently I shared some tips and ideas on how to choose the perfect coffee table for your home.  Since then so many of you have asked me for a round-up of some of the best minimalist coffee tables out there. I often get asked for Scandinavian inspired furniture and decor recommendations so I’m planning to share more of this in the coming months.

When it comes to coffee tables, there is a lot of choice which can make it overwhelming.  It took me ages to choose mine only because there were so many I liked.  But I knew I wanted a round one and I had a limited budget so that helped me narrow down my options a fair bit.  If you don’t know where to start, then you can read these tips on how to choose a coffee table for your space.  It will help to narrow down your choices and will be a good starting point.

To take the overwhelm out of choosing, I’ve picked out some of the best minimal coffee tables for a warm Scandinavian inspired home.  I’ve included a variety of shapes and sizes so there should be something for you.  I’ve also included various price ranges from bargain finds to mid range to expensive.

17 of the best minimalist coffee tables


minimalist coffee tables

1. rectangular coffee table with a slim marble top
2. round coffee table in oak with storage
3. round black wood coffee table with an oak edge
4. rounded ash coffee table in a natural oiled finish
5. pair of round coffee tables in oak and white
6. round bamboo coffee table with a woven rattan top
7. large wood coffee table in white stained ash
8. minimal round coffee table in white oiled oak
9. black wood coffee table with a pillar style base
10. pair of birch veneered coffee tables in a fun shape
11. large oval coffee table in solid oak
12. narrow dark oak coffee table with an industrial touch
13. small minimal black coffee table in metal
14. round wooden coffee table in beech and white
15. large black oval coffee table in plywood with a steel base
16. low minimal round coffee table in lacquered oak
17. minimalist black rectangular coffee table in in oak with a steel base

If, like me, you love all these minimalist coffee tables then I get that picking just one can be so hard! If you’re struggling to choose you can start by checking out my tips on how to choose a coffee table for your space and that might help to narrow down the choices.

Which is your favourite coffee table?

Top image via Stadshem

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