Just looking at green makes you feel healthy. Luckily, it’s an easy color to incorporate into almost every meal. Try spinach or kale in your morning smoothie, wrap sandwich fillings in nori seaweed paper rather than bread, and top a dish (from pizza to soup) with rough chopped fresh leafy greens and herbs, like arugula and basil. Even sweets can be made more nutritious by going green: Whip up vegan ice cream with avocado, or mix matcha tea powder into your homemade granola.      


The Green Thumb Sandwich
We all love sandwiches, but they’re not always the most nutritious option. But this one just might be your new lunch staple: from the herbed goat cheese to the avocado and cucumber filling, it’s both flavorful and healthy!
The Verdant Garden Cocktail
We’ve got a new cocktail for you to add to your drink repertoire, just in time for spring. This fresh “Verdant Garden” cocktail combines anise-flavored liquor, cucumber, lemon, and sweet hints of vanilla.
Ginger Miso Soup with Green Tea Soba Noodles
Green tea soba noodles, grilled broccolini, shiitake mushrooms, pea sprouts, and an egg come together to make a deliciously filling weeknight meal.
Roasted Green Tomato Soup
There’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of warm, creamy soup. The bold roasted flavor of the tomatoes makes this dish an instant comfort food classic.
No-Bake Mint Chocolate Chip and Cashew Cream Bars
A dessert that’s easy and healthy? No, it’s not a fruit bowl: these no-bake mint chocolate cashew cream squares are vegan and paleo-friendly. They are also your new go-to treat.
Turkish Egg & Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
This loaded savory breakfast bowl is just what you need to hit the reset button if you’ve over-indulged a bit and want to get back on a healthier track. Packed with protein and greens, it’s a great option for either breakfast or dinner.
Japanese-Inspired Avocado Toast
Jazz up your avocado toast with these delicious and timeless flavors, by adding roasted seaweed, ikura, and toasted sesame seeds.
Matcha Granola
Who said matcha is just for lattes? Culinary-grade matcha powder adds depth to your favorite sweet and savory granola recipe, like this one that’s chock-full of seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and rich chocolate.
Green Banana Crepes with Whipped Greek Yogurt
These healthy breakfast crepes, blended with spinach and banana, are a fresh take on your favorite dessert. Drizzled with almond butter, greek yogurt, and honey, it’s the coziest way to start your day.
Garden Greens Goddess Pizza
This pizza is an ode to everything green, starting with this spicy basil pesto. Topped with gooey fontina cheese and freshly chopped greens like basil, chives, watercress, and zucchini, you’ll definitely want seconds.
Matcha Mochi Yogurt Pops
Molly Yeh’s matcha and mochi popsicles are the perfect combination of textures– both deliciously chewy and decadently creamy. Between matcha-dusted granola and this refreshing treat, matcha might be your new favorite ingredient!
Lemon Garlic Roasted Broccoli Salad
Say goodbye to your sad-desk salad. Tossed in a lemon balsamic vinaigrette, this mix of leafy greens is full of punchy flavors and texture, from roasted broccoli florets to pomegranate seeds and pine nuts.
Creamy Thai Pesto Linguine
This basil pesto comes infused with creamy coconut milk and is paired with rice noodles, resulting in the perfect balance of Thai and Italian cuisines. Plus, it’s gluten free, vegan, and 100% guilt-free.
Kale Paneer
This modern take on the veggie-friendly Palak Paneer infuses kale – fresh or frozen – with an array of aromatic spices, like garam masala, garlic, ginger, and cumin. 
Nori Roll with Cucumber and Avocado
This fresh roll is as delicious as it is nutritious. With only a few simple ingredients, it’s easy to make and adaptable. Pair it with a creamy tahini sauce or add thin slices of mango for a sweet and tangy kick.
Green Shakshuka
Say hello to your new favorite (green!) comfort food. This spin on the traditional Middle Eastern dish (which is usually blends red veggies and spices) is even tastier. With eggs nestled in a mouthwatering blend of cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, basil, and pistachios, what’s not to love?
Vegan Avocado and Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream with Pistachios
Smooth, creamy, and decadent, this avocado and banana frozen yogurt is mixed with almond and vanilla extracts for just the right amount of sweetness.