Over the years we gathered all sorts of interesting and inspiring ideas regarding the interior design and décor of specific parts of the house. Today the focus is the bedroom décor so we made a list of simple and budget-friendly DIY projects that anyone can try. Use them to update your home and to make it more inviting and friendly-looking.

Custom picture frames

Custom Picture frames - Dipped Process

Everyone has picture frames in their homes so this would be a very approachable project. The idea here is to give the frame a new look and in this particular case this can be done by dipping the frame in paint. Here’s what you need to make paint-dipped picture frames: some masking tape, a paint brush, paint and obviously some picture frames. It’s an easy and cheap way to update this timeless accessory.

A unique jewelry holder

Jewelry Tree Display with concrete base

Some of these DIY bedroom projects are focused on the décor while others are meant to help you organize the space and maintain a clean and pleasant ambiance. This tree branch jewelry holder suits both functions. To make your own version of the project you’re going to need a branch, a concrete plant pot saucer, a rubber chair leg tip, glue, sandpaper and timber wax or oil. Some of these materials can be replaced by others which might be more accessible to you.

A stylish tray

Drawer Knob Handles DIY

A tray is another accessory which can help you keep a space clean and organized. It can be something you use to keep small items in one place or it can serve a different purpose. Whether you use it as a serving tray or as a storage container, it doesn’t really matter. Either way, the project is really simple. To make a wooden tray like this one you’ll need a sheet of plywood, handles or knobs, a hand saw, a drill, a few nails and some paint.

Hanging ornaments

Raindrop Wall Hanging

The walls of a bedroom can look empty, especially if you choose not to have a TV in the room. You can decorate them with all sorts of things, including this wall-hanging ornament made of felt. It has a lovely raindrop pattern and it’s really easy to make if you have some felt, a branch, embroidery thread and a big, sharp needle. To make sure all the raindrops have the same size and shape, make a cardboard template.

DIY wall art

DIY Pineapple Wall Art

If you put your mind to it, you can make all sorts of interesting things with which to decorate your bedroom and home in general. One example could be this pineapple wall art idea. It has a childish look and that’s where its charm comes from. To make your own pineapple decoration you’ll need a blank canvas, recycled cardstock, glue, acrylic paint, a paintbrush and scissors. Start by painting the canvas. Use two contrasting colors. Then use quilling techniques to make the pineapple out of colored paper or cardstock. Glue it onto the canvas.

Build your own nightstand

Build your own nightstand

In case you feel like your bedroom could use a new nightstand, perhaps you’d consider building one yourself. It’s a great DiY bedroom ideas with plenty of design options to choose from. For instance, this two-toned modern nightstand only requires some basic crafting techniques and a few simple materials such as some lumber, a circular saw, a dowel jig, a drill and a nail gun. You can paint it white or any other color you want.

Hairpin Leg Side Table - Nighstand

Another stylish idea is to make a hairpin leg side table which can double as a nightstand. The most difficult part would be the top which is made of wood and stained to have this vintage appeal. Once that part is done you just need to attach the hairpin legs and you can enjoy your new nightstand. Feel free to paint the legs if you want them to match the top.

DIY headboard idea

How to Build a Headboard

It may appear that headboards are very complex and difficult to build but in reality that’s not always the case, especially if you want a simple design. You can even make your own upholstered headboard from scratch. This tutorial shows you how. Here’s what you’ll need: plywood, high density foam, batting, fabric, screws, a drill and a staple gun. You’ll also need some wood strips to attach to the back.

A blanket makeover

Pom Pom Blanket

Tired of your old blanket? Maybe you’d enjoy giving it a makeover and making it look prettier. This could be done by simply adding some pom-poms. To make a pom-pom blanket you need a few simple things like yarn, thread, a needle and a piece of cardboard. Build yourself a pom-pom making tool out of cardboard and start wrapping. You can also make tassels. Attach them to the edges of the blanket.

Pillow makeover

Pillow Makeover with Pom Pom

Similarly, you could add some pom-poms to a pillow to change its look. The project starts with a throw pillow. Get some pom-pom trim in the desired color and some matching thread. Start sewing the trim to the edge of the pillow and cut off the excess when you’re done. It’s pretty simple and straight-forward. After that all that’s left to do is display your pom-pom pillow on the sofa or bed.

Clever extra storage

Extra storage underbed

Nobody can really say they don’t want more storage in their home. There’s always a need for more so we’ll show you how to add under-sofa storage to your living room or bedroom. You could use it for things like magazines or other stuff you don’t want to keep on display but still need in the room. Basically, it’s just a simple tray on casters. It rolls under the sofa when not needed and it’s pretty easy to make. You need a rectangular piece of wood for the base, some small strips for the sides, nails, a hammer, four small wheels and some glue. You can also paint it if you want.

DIY wall-mounted shelves

Floating wall mounted shelves

What’s nice about shelves is that you can add them at any time. They’re all easy to build and you can easily craft them yourself. To make some floating bookshelves like these ones, for example, you only need a few pieces of wood, a hammer, some nails, glue, a drill and paint. You’ll also need screws for mounting. They’re really great for the kids’ room.

DIY statement mirror

DIY statement mirror

Mirrors make great accent pieces because of their ability to make spaces look bigger. But if you also want the mirror to stand out and to become a statement piece, then you’ll need to give it a custom makeover. A wonderful design idea is this gem mirror which requires a flat mirror to start with. You’ll have to cut it to give it an octagonal shape. After that, use clear contact paper, metallic spray paint, fine grit sandpaper and an X-acto knife to complete the design.

Easy-to-make floor pouf

DIY Floor Pouf

We’re big fans of floor poufs. They’re great to have around in case you need some extra seats or if you want something cozy and casual for the corner of your bedroom. Did you ever consider making your own poufs from scratch? It wouldn’t be that difficult. You’d need some upholstery fabric, a large zipper, scissors, foam, batting, pins and a rotary cutter.

A custom nightstand lamp

DIY Mid-Century Modern Lamp

In those moments when you just can’t find a decent a lamp for your nightstand, an option appears: a DIY lamp. You can build it however you want but it would easier to just follow a tutorial. If you like this design, you can make something similar using a round cylindrical lampshade, 2 square pieces of wood, 4 round pieces of wood, a saw, sandpaper and wood stain or paint.

A macrame plant holder

A macrame plant holder

Indoor plants are wonderful decorations because they don’t only look beautiful but they also purify the air. It could be nice to have a plant in the bedroom. You could hang it in front of the window to give it plenty of light. How about a hanging plant holder to help you with that task? You could make one out of twine and plywood.

A custom wall clock

A custom wall clock

Even though wall clocks aren’t as popular as they once were, they still make nice decorations for the walls. They’re both pretty and practical and this inspired a lot of interesting DIY designs. For example, this wood wall clock is one of the simplest and most stylish ones you could make. It doesn’t have numbers on it so it’s not meant to help you accurately tell time. It has more of an aesthetic role.

A reed diffuser

A reed diffuser DIY

If you like essential oils and enjoy using them, perhaps you’d like to make your own reed diffuser. You’ll need a glass container, five reed sticks or bamboo skewers, a narrow-mouthed funnel and some light oil plus your choice of essential oils. Pour the oils into the container and then put the skewers in and gently swirl the mixture. The oil will seep its way up the skewers at which point it will start to smell.

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