Pool area

The architects at Brengues Le Pavec have set out to modernize this 16th century farmhouse in l’Escarène, 20 minutes away from the beautiful French Riviera towns of Nice and Monaco.  Although the beaches are easily within reach, the home sits on a serene hillside with a terraced olive grove overlooking the valley below.

A contemporary addition on the side of the home will project modern luxury without overshadowing the charming character.  The planned rectangular structure complements the forms used in the original building.  The architects also will use a light, transparent transition to blend the old and new spaces of the home.  Floor-to-ceiling glazing and a modern stairwell with glazed bodyguards provide the perfect intersection.

Front of addition

The architects also are refurbishing the main home where the majority of activity occurs.  They will add a walk-in closet and bathroom to each of the four bedrooms to bring the amenities up to date.  New bedrooms in the contemporary addition will reflect a different style with Baushaus furniture, blue and golden hues, and a 1950s atmosphere. [Renderings and information courtesy of Brengues Le Pavec]

Older house in view

Second floor

Main floor


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