Happy February 14th, friends! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or (even better?) Galentine’s Day, we are wishing you lots of love from ABM. Not to be too cheesy, but the world needs more love, right? So we hope you receive a lot of it this coming year, and we also hope you will join us in trying to spread as much love as possible. ?

And in honor of this very pink day, we thought it might be fun to showcase some of our favorite past v-day and v-day inspired projects and recipes.

Knowing how to make your own fancy balloon arch is helpful for all sorts of occasions and this fool-proof tutorial is all you’ll need.

Raise your hand if you’re staying in tonight? Us too! Ha! Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s at home.

Looking for a little sweet treat to enjoy with others? Make these (dairy free) chocolate mousse-filled strawberries.

If you are in need of a last-minute homemade card idea, here are 5 easy water color techniques with ideas for cute and pun-tastic cards too. ?

Learn to make your own flower napkin ring with faux florals. This one is great for lots of occasions too; like I could totally see this working well for Mother’s Day or any springtime celebration (hello Easter!).

If you’re planning to shake up a few cocktails (or mocktails) tonight or this weekend, here’s how to make floral ice cubes to elevate your cocktail game. And if you really want to go crazy, here is our tutorial for how to make a DIY ice bucket for serving chilled wines or champagne.

Absolutely love the tutorials on how to make paper flowers in this DIY floral picnic basket post. You could use your florals for all sorts of things even beyond a picnic basket, like to decorate a gift box, tablescape, or even just to create a pretty bouquet that will last much longer than fresh flowers.

Homemade candy is always a good idea! Here’s how to make your own healthy chocolate bars; these are full of real, whole ingredients and can be naturally sweetened to your taste. Yum!

We are obsessed with this fruit and tonic recipe! You can use so many different fruit flavors and keep it classic by adding to a gin and tonic, or use in a mocktail. This can result in a pretty light cocktail and if you’re looking for more tips for healthy cocktails, read this.

If you need some decor for a party or just to dress up your home (this would make a pretty fun headboard, right?!), learn to make this hanging flower heart DIY.

Looking to step up your homemade card game? Or scrapbooking game? Then click here to learn how to carve your own stamps.

This next one is for all those chocolate lovers out there! We don’t need a reason to enjoy a rich chocolate treat now and again, but if you do, it feels like Valentine’s Day might be the perfect excuse. Here’s how to make this no-bake chocolate silk pie. Our favorite part is the crust (it’s made of saltine crackers!).

This next project is from DEEP in the archives (all the way back to 2012), but we still love these easy and cute painted heart blocks for kiddos. It’s fun to spell words or just stack. These are best for children who are past the stage of putting everything in their mouths, otherwise be mindful of the type of paints you use.

Sign us up for any and all homemade candy! We LOVE these easy to make peanut butter and pumpkin dark chocolate cups. Mmmmm!

And if chocolate isn’t “your thing,” (audible gasps from the audience) you can still get in on the candy game with these homemade Rosé gummy bears.

Need to package up your cute treats? Here’s how to make homemade Valentine’s Day treat boxes. Enjoy! xo. The ABM Team

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photos: Visit the original post to see the photography and other credits.