15 Trendy Ways To Mix And Match Earrings

When you need just two earrings, it’s very easy to choose them – you can go classics or minimalist or whatever else you like considering the outfit. When you have multiple ear piercings, you’ll have to mix and match your earrings to achieve a cool and stylish look. What to choose and how to mix them up? let’s take a look at some trendy ideas.
Studs are timeless, they can be smaller or larger, with rhinestones and precious stones or not, of various shapes and looks. You can rock as many as you want, and all of your earrings can be studs – this is a popular idea. The only thing I can recommend is to match the finishes somehow and to use simple and rhinestone earrings to create a stylish mix and match look. Stud earrings can be paired withh hoop ones or only with other studs depending on the look you want.

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