There’s never a perfect time when to start growing potted plants. You just have to want it and then it all starts to take shape. If it makes things easier, pallets are a great source of material if you want to build a planter stand or a vertical garden. It just happens that we know quite a few projects you can try. They all involve wooden pallets and planters and we’re pretty sure you’ll find them charming.

Let’s start with something simple: a vertical planter holder which you can easily put together using a wooden pallet. You can either use an entire pallet as it is or you can cut one to the desired size in which case you won’t need extra boards for the box shelves. There’s no need to paint or stain the pallet since its rugged look actually looks very charming. If you want you can also use the top as a surface for displaying more plants other decorations. {found on nur-noch}.

You obviously also have the option to add some color to your vertical garden. If you plan on using a pallet for this project you can paint in different colors, one for each board of the pallet so at the end it looks like the one on Hellocreativefamily. Once you’re done with all the painting, it’s time to add the rings that will hold the planters. For this part you’ll need clamps, bolts and a drill.

There are also other ways to use pallets if you want to create a shelving unit or a stand for your potted plants. The plants are the focus so you don’t want to steal the attention from them with too many colors or eye-catching forms. If you like the unit featured here, you can check out Apieceofrainbow for all the necessary details so you can build your own. As you can see, the shelves are tilted so the plants can spill out and look lush and beautiful.

In case you’re missing a potting bench, we can show you how to build one out of two small pallets. Cut one of the pallets in half to make the sides of the bench and then use the other one to make the top and the shelf. You can figure out the proportions based on how big you want this potting bench to be or you can just follow the instructions on Apieceofrainbow.

Isn’t this pallet plant stand cute? It’s perfect for succulents and there are so many ways in which you can display it. You can either use pieces from an actual pallet to build something similar or you can use any leftover wood you can find. Either way, it should be fairly easy to create a tiered structure that can hold small plants. In case you need some extra inspiration, you can check out the original post on Dreamalittlebigger.

If there’s something we learned so far it’s that you can turn pallets into pretty much anything and planter boxes and stands are among the simplest transformations. If you want a small planter holder you’ll probably have to do some cutting. You can cut out a single section of the pallet and it would look similar to what you can see on Pillarboxblue.

You don’t need much to build a pallet planter holder, at least not for the one featured on Floralandfeather. If you have a pallet, some landscaping or weed control fabric, a staple gun and scissors you’re good to go. The instructions are simple so it should only take you a few minutes to plan the whole thing and then to execute the project.

If you want to have your own vegetable garden but you don’t really know where to start and how to organize things, you should check out Arrowdynamicblog. Here you can find out how to make a pallet garden in seven easy steps. First you need to knock out every other top board from a long pallet. Then nail a tarp to the bottom of the pallet and poke holes so the water can drain out. Add the dirt, plant the seeds and wait. You can also cut out some letters to spell “garden” and to make laminated labels for everything you’ve planted.

You can basically grow anything you want if the conditions are right and what better way to enjoy the process than with a custom, handmade planter? If you want to grow something big like large plants or even trees, you’ll need a big planter and you can build it out of pallet boards. There’s a perfect tutorial for that on Diy.2ndfunniestthing. You can adapt the design to suit your own particular needs.

The plants cover up most of this pallet so its simplicity actually suits them well. This type of planter is one of the easiest ones to build. In fact, you hardly have to make any modifications to the pallet. It can just stay as it is and you can add some extra boards or some landscaping fabric. This idea and several others are enumerated on Ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.

A weathered timber pallet would be perfect if you want to make a vertical planter for succulents. They’ll contrast nicely with the wood and the whole ensemble will look natural and well put together. According to the instructions on Theurchincollective, in addition to the pallet you’ll also need a roll of weed mat, a staple gun, some potting soil and succulents.

Of course, you don’t have to embrace the weathered, unfinished look if you prefer something a bit more polished or perhaps more colorful. You can paint the pallet in any color you want, depending on the look you want to achieve. Once this part is done, you can take care of the rest such as putting in the potting soil but not before stapling some landscape fabric to the back of the pallet. {found on creativehomemaking}.

When building a pallet planter, there are quite a few methods you can use. You could just put the plants in the gaps and lean the pallet against a wall which is a suitable idea if you plant succulents or flowering plants but for strawberries, for example, you could use something larger and sturdier. Follow the instructions on Lovelygreens to find out how to build such a container.

A job well done requires a lot of attention to details, even something as simple as turning a pallet into a planter. If you want to know all the details that such a project implies, have a look at the step-by-step description offered on Urbanwayoflife. It shows you everything you need to do to make sure your plants will beautiful and healthy in their new home.

You can have a garden even if you’re surrounded by concrete. You just have to be creative. You could, for example, build a mobile planter. It could just be  a shallow box on wheels which you can place wherever you want. Use boards from a pallet to make the frame and then fill it with soil. Don’t forget the landscaping fabric on the bottom. {found on Lovelygreens}.

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