Rustic can mean many things in the world of decorating and most of them are not perceived as good. A rustic decorated home can be a cabin filled with bear pillows, moose heads and heavy dark hunter plaids. A rustic decorated home can be furnished with uncomfortable wooden furniture and plain walls.

A rustic decorated home might be the last goal you’d have for your own house. However, there are ways to bring rustic home decor to your space in a classy and beautiful way. Whether you live in a cabin in the deep woods or a modern house in the city, you can create a rustic paradise in your home that makes you glad to be there. Take a look at these 15 rustic decor ideas for your living room to get you started.

When it comes to rustic decorating, your color scheme can have a big effect on the feeling of your space. Choosing to decorate with colors you find in nature like browns, greens and grays is a sure way to bring the outdoors in, even if all your furniture choices aren’t technically “rustic”. (via Pearsondesigngroup)

Wood floor is obviously the preferred choice for rustic homes, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. Cover the flooring you have with a natural fiber rug to give your space a rustic color and texture from the bottom up. (via Suyamapetersondeguchi)

Curtains are a crucial part to every room in the home as they add warmth and privacy and that feel of hominess. Go for a pair of long patterned curtains in your rustic living room to give your walls some interest without having to hang any art. (via Architectural Digest)

Speaking of patterns, let’s talk about plaid for a second. Just because you don’t like the hunter shades doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your home. Put a few throw pillows around in shades of blue and green, colors that won’t weigh down your decor but will still emit the rustic vibes. (via Country Living)

When you look closely, some decorating styles are just better when you have a more furniture, rather than less. Rustic decorating is exactly that. Adding as much seating as you can promotes coziness and welcomes all your friends and family to stay awhile. (via Redefiningantiquewood)

You may have noticed with all the bare wood and edgy stone, rustic decor thrives on the imperfect. So don’t be afraid to add some vintage pieces and hand-me-downs to your living room. That scuffed up coffee table or the chair with threadbare arms might be just the piece to bring your rustic living room to life. (via HGTV)

You will also want to consider a slipcovered sofa in your rustic living room. While it might seem a bit farmhouse, the rumpled fabric will beckon you to sit every time you enter the room. Plus, it will be easy to clean if you have young children with sticky hands and dogs with muddy paws. (via Rooms For Rent)

Rustic art for your living room doesn’t have to be pictures of bears that look like they came from a National Park’s nature center. Opt for paintings of forest animals or even landscape paintings that have a deer in the background. You’ll be pleased with the softer yet rustic result. (via Bigmountainbuilders)

If you like large antlers on your wall, you’re probably already in the rustic decorating club. However some of us want a more subtle antlers statement. By hanging a few small mounted antlers on your wall, you get the rustic vibe without going all out. (via Architectural Digest)

Now take your rustic antlers and your animal paintings and put them together in a gallery wall with your family photos. The cluttered look will display well among the other natural tones around your living room. (via Jutehome)

A big trend for rustic and farmhouse decor these days are the sliding barn doors. When you’re styling your living room, you’ll definitely want to add this element, whether it’s a real sliding door or even the sliding doors on a console. It will add that barn edge in a classy way.

You can’t have rustic without a bit of greenery. But if you think that houseplants are the only way to get it, think again. Fill some large vases with large branches that will display their leaves and seem like mini trees in your living room. Then when they fade, just refill. No green thumb required. (via Architectural Digest)

Are you looking for a bigger rustic statement for your living room? Add a wood stove if you are able. Not only will it benefit you in practical ways, it will make your rustic living room the coziest place to be, especially in the colder months. (via Arrow and Wild Life)

When you have a wood stove or fireplace in your living room, you probably don’t want to be traipsing outside for more wood all the time. Lucky for you, keeping firewood inside is a great way to add a rustic touch to your living room. You can keep a small basket or make a whole corner of stacked splintery goodness. (via My Paradissi)

Let’s not forget the lighting. When hanging a rustic chandelier, you definitely want it to be dark and heavy, even if the rest of your room is light and bright. Go for something iron or a brushed bronze finish to complete your living room’s rustic decor. (via Kirkseyhomes)

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