15 Outfits With Pastel Color Puffer Jackets And Coats

We have already told you about various puffer jackets and coats from printed to monophonic, oversized to fitted, color block to hooded ones, etc. And today we want to share with you other fashionable outfit ideas with pastel color puffer jackets and coats. You can add such pieces of clothes to any styled looks, for example, classic and elegant, sporty chic, relaxed and casual ones. All you need is to pick up a type, a length and your favorite color for a new item. Now you can scroll down to see all ideas.
Outfits With Puffer Jackets
There are a lot of cool casual outfits with such jackets. First of all, you can take a beige turtleneck and pair it with light blue jeans, a light blue puffer jacket and sunglasses. Secondly, you can choose a beige puffer jacket and mix it with a beige sweater, sunglasses, black or dark gray high-waisted palazzo trousers and white sneakers. And, thirdly, you can try to repeat a combination with a white long shirt, a mint green crop puffer jacket, a white pom pom hat, rounded sunglasses, a white bag, turquoise pants and white lace up flat shoes. For a more…

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